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Ghrelin Hormone, Enemies for Diet

For those of you who are on a diet and now has nearly succeeded, you may need to beware. It is because your body will face a new problem which is an increase in appetite. This problem will obviously make you feel desperate. In the end, you can’t resist it and your body would get […]

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The Food Sweeteners that Don’t Make You Fat

Sugar has some benefits for body. One of them is to energize your body so you have spirit to do activity. But if you consume it too much, sugar can cause gain your weight. All sweet foods can increase the blood sugar level fast. When it is consumed, the sugar absorbed directly in blood circulation […]

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Diet Based on Blood Types

There is a person who can lose his body weight with an ordinary diet, but there are many who have been doing diet with all effort yet the diet turn merely to disappointment. How to attain the ideal body weight? Today, there are many methods introduced to lose weight, i.e. by taking herbal brew, sauna, […]

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