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Skin Care

The Cause of Damaged Skin

Who wants to have soft, refined, and healthy skin? Moreover if we get compliment by having healthy skin. That is so amazing. But, what will happen if the biggest organ that covers the whole body is damaged? Hmm of course we can assume the answer by ourselves. Because of that, avoid these things to keep […]

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How to Get Rid of Acne Based on The Types of Them

What do you feel when red spots appear on the face? When it is small, maybe it is not that disturbing, but it is different if the acne is getting bigger and inflamed. Before you treat the canes, you should first identify the types of acne as the following: Typical acnes (common acnes) The look […]

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Tips on Restoring Sunburn Skin

Whoever planning a vacation to the beach, must have known the consequences. So, no wonder all the equipments to combat against the sun were taken along. Leggings, sunglasses, and sun block become mandatory goods. In fact, according to the advice, anyone who would play on the beach must continually smear sun block every half hour […]

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