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The Love Language Between Mom and Daughter

The communication that can strengthen the relationship between mom and her daughter is love language. Mostly girls will imitate their mother as the role model. It’s because her mom is the closest reference that a girl has to define herself as a woman. But nothing can guarantee that the relationship between mother and daughter always […]

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First Date Success Tips

You know him from your friend. After talking for long time, you decide to meet up. This time is for dating. But the term ‘first date’ is too scary for you. How if you don’t have anything to talk, then both of you only keep silent and he looks at you as someone who is […]

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The Reason Why People Become Jealous Easily

Everyone must have jealous feeling when she realizes that her couple pays attention to someone else. It’s a lie if you don’t feel worried when you see your mate’s friend is more attractive than you. Jealousy might be a sign of love but it can ruin your relationship if you can’t control it. So, why […]

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