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8 Things You Need to Know About Men

“Men are hard to understand”. Are you familiar with such complaints? Of course! There are times for every woman to feel that there is absolutely no way to understand the mindset of their partners. You would think they are from another world who have different languages that makes it very difficult to understand their language. […]

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Men Version of Telephone Rules That You Need to Know

A survey written by Andy Buffington in his book entitled Cheap Tricks for Psychological Lover says, only 56% of phone conversation topic done by men that is personal, while females reached 95% of the personal topic. It shows that men have a different style of communicating with women. In addition to not like talking about […]

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When Your Partner Acts Different, What to Do?

Most relationships always begin with a sense of interest and passionate feelings, especially in terms of who was doing the approach. At this time, the man is highlighting his good quality and willing to do anything including adjusting to a figure of a man the woman has been dreaming of. As a result, many women […]

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