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Knowing more about FOS and GOS

In the food industry, composition and structure of human breast milk oligosaccharides cannot be reproduced. So, in order to obtain the potential beneficial effects of human breast milk oligosaccharides, then other oligosaccharides which are originated from animal and vegetal are produced and used in infant feeding. Those oligosaccharides, for example, are fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and galactooligosaccharides […]

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10 Tips to Increase Lactation

When a mother feeds her child with natural milk from her breasts, she realizes that she has fulfilled her mission in this world as a complete woman. Lactation is a natural phenomenon that occurs in every new mother after birthing. Though it is a natural phenomenon, some mothers discover that they don’t secrete enough milk […]

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Prebiotics in Human Breast Milk

In this article We want to slightly explain about prebiotics in human breast milk. First of all, we should prior understand about the term of prebiotic. The term prebiotic applies to all those substances which are contained in food and resist stomach acid environment, the action of the biliary salts and digestive enzyme degradation; then […]

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