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Cow’s Milk Allergy In Baby

In this article I want to share the slight knowledge about milk allergy (cow’s milk allergy) in baby. Cow’s milk allergy (CMA) is one of the most common food allergies in childhood. It represents an important health problem, such as disorders in the digestive tract or in organs as a result of an immunologic reaction. […]

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19 Benefits Of Lipids For Baby

Lipids are comprised of triacylglycerols (TG, 98%), phospholipids (PL, 0.8%), cholesterol (C, 0.5%), and many others. The lipids (3–5%) occur as globules emulsified in the aqueous phase (87%) of milk. Lipids are the second most abundant component in human breast milk. Lipids are often feared because its affect in gaining weight. But for baby, the […]

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Baby and Food Allergy

Do you know that the allergic disease is major contributor to illnesses and mortality worldwide? Yes, it’s true that allergy is often causing a serious problem to health, one of which is food hypersensitivity. Food hypersensitivity is often the first phenomenon in the allergic march that includes asthma, gastroenteropathy, eczema and hay fever. Seemingly, genetic […]

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