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The Exercise Rule in Menstruation Period

Every time the menstruation period comes, your energy for doing exercise decreases, doesn’t it? If you feel like that, don’t directly stop exercising when the menstruation comes. What you feel is normal. The low progesterone hormone and the high estrogene hormone don’t only influence your mood, but also the energy that is put aside from […]

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Brain Exercises to Avoid Senility

Besides the body, the brain as well needs an exercise. An exercise for brain acts like a prevention to keep away senility to come any sooner. The brain itself consists of two parts, the left brain and the right brain. The left brain is used for things connected to the analytics, including the one managing […]

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Exercise for Lower Back Pain

About 80% of people experience lower back pain. The causes ranging from heavy lifting, stretching mistakes during exercise and the wrong body position while standing or doing the job. Unfortunately, when experiencing this problem, one tends to avoid all sports, and stay immobile. In fact, avoid sports make the back muscles, and lower back more […]

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