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Avoid Jet Lag: 6 Tips to be Done

Avoid Jet LagJet lag is common to happen to everyone travelling abroad, but this is not supposedly to be neglected. Jet lag needs to be aware of, especially for you who often assigned to work on the other country with much difference in time.

Avoid Jet Lag = Avoid the Symptoms

The symptoms occur when somebody got jet lag are tiredness, headache, dehydration, easily getting angry, hard to fall asleep and hard to concentrate. These happen as the body tries to adapt to the time difference compared to where we live. If these symptoms happen to you often, that would affect badly for the health.

But there is no need to worry, because there some ways to handle and Avoid Jet Lag. Here are six tips you can do before and at the moment of flight in order to Avoid Jet Lag.

Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

  1. Adjust the meal time

    Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner according to the time of your destination. It might feel uncomfortable when you have to change dinner into breakfast, but adjusting the meal time some days before the flight would ease you to adapt to your destination place. For example, when you are planning to go to the US (12 hours in time difference), the it is better for you to get used to have breakfast at night, and so on the opposite.

  2. Consume the right food

    Some nutrition experts recommend consumptions of food with high protein, low carbohydrate, low calorie, containing less sodium and fat. Eat small amount of carbohydrate and calorie prevent the body to feel weak, while protein can give more energy.

  3. Get more rest

    It is better for not going out at the night before the flight. If it is a must to go out, make sure that you do not drink much alcohol. Also reduce consuming coffee or caffeinated drinks. Lack of sleep before the flight may increase jet lag symptom. Make sure you have enough sleep and rest.

  4. Take more fresh water

    Enough amount of fresh water can prevent you from dehydration during the flight.

  5. Do stretching

    During the travel, give your body some time to wake up of the chair to stretch feet, hands, back and neck muscles.

  6. Enjoy your trip

    Most cases of jet lag happen because the sufferers are too much stressed out at the time when the plane is going to land. It is very important to relax your mind before landing. Just think that you are sitting on the sofa of your comfortable TV room. You can distract the tense by watching TV, reading books or talking to the person next to you.

Hopefully, these tips could help you to Avoid Jet Lag when you have a trip.

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