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Being Workaholic But Still Healthy

Workaholic Stay HealthyMany arguments said that Workaholic often gives negative effect for the health. People who work for 11 hours or more in one day have a higher risk about 67% in suffering heart attack and it can cause death.

Workaholic often forget for eating regularly and doing exercise. They also don’t get enough sleep. The impact of this is the body is getting weak.

In order for having good stamina and you can work actively, here are some points that you must concern:

Doing exercise for Workaholic persons

Workaholic must be busy with their works and they work using their thought. So brain works hard to think and it can trigger stressed. The best way to release stressed is by doing exercise.

Doing exercise becomes the great way to release stressed. Doing exercise can loosen the muscles pressure then send signals to brain for thinking more relax. So, doing exercise everyday minimum for 15-20 minutes.

For Workaholic, Consume healthy food

Working hard makes you late for having dinner. Choose foods that can energize you. Tuna, salmon, and soya bean are the foods that have high protein and they can make you have good stamina and make your body health. Healthy foods don’t only make you health but also you can be more concentrate when you work.

If you Workaholic, Sleep enough

[wpseo]Workaholic[/wpseo] often sleep late and wake up earlier. Actually, when you work until late and cut your sleeping time it will make you lose your concentration for the next day. In order to avoid being sleepy at noon and losing concentration, sleep earlier.

If you must work until late night and you don’t sleep enough, you can sleep for awhile at office. Dr. Hiromi Shinya, the expert in enzyme said that for recovering the weak condition, body only needs 5 minutes to recover. For having effective rest, choose a quite place where you can’t be disturbed.

Walk around the office

The office situation that is closed makes the workers feel bored and tired. Walking around the office for 5-10 minutes is the best way to release your bored. The fresh air and the garden scenery can fresh your eyes and brain so you can get new ideas.

Do meditation

Starting the day by looking the computer screen, calling, or replying many emails are daily routine for some workers. Spare the time for yourself everyday to make you more relax. You can submerge in warm water after leaving office. Close your eyes and listen music. You can also do yoga or meditation to relax your mind. Don’t think anything that can disturb you and enjoy the relaxation.

Hopefully, by reading this article could help you to be stayed healthy while you still become a Workaholic

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