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How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms

Get Rid Dark UnderarmsYou must be very happy if you can do anything, to express freely – but still in normal situation – in everything. You are free to state your mind, free to walk around and free to wear any clothes.

For the last thing that We mentioned, though it seems simple but it can cause problem. It is normal because everyone wants to be looked perfect. Being comfortable with yourself, but still looks great when other people see you. So it is not strange, that choosing clothes can take so much time.

I believe that you ever feel fed up because you can’t realize your imagination to make up yourself ideally, because something impedes you. For example is the foot hair that makes you lazy to wear skirt or shorts. It is same with the Dark Underarms. This topic might be shameful to be talked, actually many people have this experience.

Talk About Dark Underarms

Because feeling ashamed many people don’t want to talk about Dark Underarms, they don’t want to share and ask the solution. They just let the problem not solved for long time and choose to wear ‘safe clothes’. Though truly in their hearts, they want to wear, ‘you can see’, breast clothe, or backless.

Don’t feel sad, or feel reluctant to talk about Dark Underarms, I try to give you some information around the dark underarms problem that makes you fed up. First, you need to know the cause. For you who have dark skin maybe you feel submission and regard this problem as the effect of your skin color. While for you who have light skin but your Armpits are Dark, you feel confused. These are some causes that you can look into.

Having Dark Underarms is a Normal thing

The important thing that you need to remember, though its existence makes you fed up especially for woman, the hair in your armpits is normal. It is normal if your armpits area is darker than other parts moreover, if your hair in armpits is quite thick.

This problem makes people want to clean it. But it doesn’t mean that you need to shave twice a day. Moreover shaving only cleans the hair in the up skin layer. So the black image comes from the hair root that is in the inside of skin.

Because of that shaving is not recommended. The hair in your armpits is better to be waxed because waxing cleans the hair until its root so the armpits will be looked smooth. If you don’t have enough time to wax, you can shave but with the right way.

Shave after you take a bath so the armpits skin is soft when it is shaved. I suggest you to apply shaving gel or cream before you shave but don’t use soap. After that you shave from up to the side and above because hair grows from many ways.

The accumulation of dead skin cells

Many experts said that one of the causes of the Dark Underarms is the dry skin. Talking about the dry skin, it must be unhealthy skin. Unhealthy skin has close relation with the dead skin cells. Dead skin cells often accumulated in certain area for example in armpits, and it makes your skin not shine. I suggest you to take a bath and scrub it with the soap that is rich with moisturizer.

The wrong way of using deodorant

Though smelling good is a must but you should choose deodorant carefully. Because there are many products, people usually ignore the substances that contained in it. Actually, not all products contain natural substance that is suitable and safe for skin. The chemical substances that still exist can make your skin irritated and it is getting darker if you don’t pay attention. I suggest you to not use antiperspirant. Use the deodorant that has soft composition or just use powder.

Medical problem

If you don’t have any problems with one of the problems above, it means there is a medical problem that must be consulted with doctor that expert in skin problem. One of the causes is the amount of melanin pigment is over. Besides, there is another skin disease that influences. For example is an eEythrasma bacterium that grows in a person who suffers from diabetes mellitus. Based on the research the possibility of people who suffer from disease in tropics area is big to face this problem.

You already have known the causes, then how is the right solution to make your armpits look bright again? These are simple tips that you can try to Get Rid of Dark Underarms:

  • Avoid wearing tight clothes that can make your skin irritated. Moreover if you are overweight.
  • Try to use clothes from cotton that can absorb sweat.
  • When you take a bath, don’t scrub the armpits roughly. Use the pumice slowly and softly.
  • Before you take a bath in the afternoon or morning, put and scrub the slice of lemon – this fruit believed as the natural whitening – and put on your armpits. 15 minutes later, wash when you take a bath.
  • For the maximum and effective result, before you sleep, use vitamin E oil and aloe vera gel that are good to brighter your skin and to overcome Dark Underarms.
  • Once a week if you have enough time, grate the potato and scrub to your armpits in 15 minutes. Potato is also natural substance that since long time ago used to help people to brighter their skin.
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