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The Food Sweeteners that Don’t Make You Fat

The Food Sweeteners that Don't Make You FatSugar has some benefits for body. One of them is to energize your body so you have spirit to do activity. But if you consume it too much, sugar can cause gain your weight.

All sweet foods can increase the blood sugar level fast. When it is consumed, the sugar absorbed directly in blood circulation and it causes the level of insulin high. This hormone will clean up the sugar and fat from blood then it will be saved as the energy reserve. This process causes the increasing of weight. Therefore, there are many Food Sweeteners can cause you fatter if you consume it often.

For avoiding fat accumulation and increasing weight, reduce consuming sweet food. At least, it is one of the solutions. But many women don’t realize the sugar level that is consumed by them in one day. Some research found that nowadays women consume more sugar than women who lived in 50 or 60 years ago. So, it is reasonable that Food Sweeteners can bring great affects in increasing body’s weight.

It is because most of the foods use sugar that has been purified or white sugar as the sweetener. Just imagine, in one can of soft drink contains 8 spoons of sugar. A piece of pie contains 11 tea spoons of sugar. Chocolate cake, banana split and other sweet foods contain about 20-25 tea spoons of white sugar.

White sugar is able to disturb the health and diet because it contains high calorie but low nutrition. Moreover, white sugar can take the nutrition in body that has function to do metabolism.
Besides it can gain weight, white sugar can damage the teeth, make someone older fast, diabetes, bile stone, weak the sightseeing, and decrease the body immune. For avoiding the negative effect of sugar, you don’t need to stop consuming sweet food. However, sugar still needed for body organ working system. But you have to limit the using of sugar.

There are some foodstuffs that you can use to replace the white sugar. Besides, it is natural, these food sweetener and drinks are safe for body.

Here are some of Food Sweetener that Don’t Make You Fat

  • Honey

    This kind of food that is made from bees contains many minerals and it is believed safe for someone who has allergy. Honey tastes sweeter than white sugar so just use 1/3. Honey is suitable as the sweetener for food that is stir fried or food that uses sauce, for example it can be poured when the food is already hot. Honey is also suitable mixed with lemon for salad dressing. But don’t pour honey while you still cook the food because it can be toxin.

  • Date palms

    Date palms contain 60% of sugar and the level can be higher because of the dried process. Sugar date palms usually made from dried date palms that are softened so it becomes powder. Besides powder, there is also in liquid form. Add date palms sugar when you cook or make cake. The taste is unique and much sweeter than white sugar. So just add few of them.

  • Dried fruits

    Fruits that are dried like raisin, prune or apple can be alternative of healthy Food Sweetener. It can be as the sowing on the food or can be cooked with other fruits. Dried fruits are also suitable to add color so foods appearance will be more interesting.

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