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6 Things Known as Memory Killer

6 Things Known as Memory KillerMemory is one of the important parts of the body since it holds all sorts of information. However, its process of storing and retrieving information is susceptible to various things known as the Memory Killer.

Everything that is known as the memory killer may affect each areas of memory inside the brain such as the sensory memory, short-term memory and long-term memory.

6 Memory Killer

At least there are 6 things which can become a memory killer, which are:

  1. Smoking

    Though most people are not aware of this fact, but smoking is included as one of the memory killers. Several studies have shown that a person who smokes will commonly experience decrease in both his/her memory and cognitive abilities compared to non-smokers. Besides, the long term effects of smoking from time to time may also trigger mental impairment.

  2. Malnutrition

    The brain needs fuel particularly the one from glucose. If somebody lacks fuel or suffering malnutrition, the brain’s ability in storing the memory will as well be short. Malnutrition can also become a reason for serious Retrograde and Anterograde amnesia, including to easily forget what has just been said.

  3. Herpes

    Herpes is one condition or a health problem which could be a true memory killer. A more serious type of Herpes, which is Ensefalitis Herpes Simplex can make someone suffers severe memory loss. This condition can happen if the Herpes virus finds a way to get inside the human brain through the facial nerves.

  4. Binge Drinking

    If a person having a night of binge drinking, he/she would suffer severe memory loss or also known as blockade. Binge drinking for young adults can harm his memory on the daily basic and even more can still be continuing until they are older.

  5. Hypnotic

    All this time, hypnotic is known for its capability to reveal a person’s memory which is suppressed or forgotten. But sometimes this process is followed by the loss of some memories that this state is called post-hypnotic amnesia. Because of that reason, it is expected that someday there will be a technology that can subtract a remembrance or certain memory without the need of doing the hypnotic.

  6. Stress

    When something happens with shock or under a huge pressure, the memory or remembrance inside the brain becomes inaccessible. Therefore, if a person is experiencing a continual stress, later on it would also affect the ability of his/her memory.

Now that we have found out 6 things that are harmful for the memory, the next step is to avoid those six things by conducting a healthy lifestyle and constantly exercising the capability of our memory and avoid the memory killer.

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