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How to Detect Cancer through Blood Checking

how to Detect Cancer through blood checkingCancer still becomes the illness that makes people afraid because there are no any medicines that can cure and it can cause death. The difficult thing is cancer doesn’t give the specific symptoms in the beginning stadium and it makes people late to recognize. Maybe you ever heard the laboratory check that can Detect Cancer earlier through blood. This checking is usually called tumor marker. What are types of cancer that can be detected? How effective this checking and should people do this?

Before we talk further about this problem, of course we should know what the tumor marker is. The tumor marker is the substance that is resulted by cancer cells or body cells that are reacted with cancer cells or other tame situations. The tumor marker can be found in cancer mesh or circulate in body liquid like blood, urine, saliva, brain liquid, etc. Now we will talk about the tumor marker specifically that released from blood.

Then how the tumor marker can Detect Cancer?

Because the tumor marker is resulted from the cancer cells or body cells that reacted with cancer so the tumor marker will increase if the cancer cells appear in body. The problem is the tumor marker is not specific for only one type of cancer, so one tumor marker can be released by different types of cancer. Moreover in early stadium, there are not any tumor markers that released and also other deviations that are still tame can improve the level of tumor marker in blood.

If that so, should you check do the tumor marker checking?

If it is only based on the high level of tumor marker so the result can’t be used as the assumption of suffering from cancer. The tumor marker has meaning if it used as the complement checking, it means if it is from the illness history, physic checking, and the support checking like roentgen, USG, CT Scan, etc shows there is cancer assumption and the tumor marker is high so the possibility of suffering from cancer is big.

Now, the tumor marker often used as the facility to adjust the success of cancer therapy and to detect the appearing of the cancer repetition

What are the tumor markers?

  • Cancer Antigen (CA-125): this tumor marker is resulted by any types of cells but mainly the ovary cancer cells. CA- 125 is used to know the success of ovary cancer therapy mainly if it is through chemotherapy. CA- 125 can’t be proven as the way to detect ovary cancer but it can be used to monitor whether you suffer again from cancer or not.
  • Cancer Antigen (CA 15-3) or CA 27-29 or Truquant RIA: this marker is usually high in breast cancer. This marker usually used to see the success of breast cancer therapy that is already metastase and to detect whether there is repetition cancer in breast cancer at 2nd or 3rd stadium. Because CA 15-3 and CA 27-29 can be released by any types of cancer cells so it can’t be used to detect breast cancer.
  • Calcitonin: this is the only one tumor marker that can be used to detect the early thyroid cancer for medullary type.
  • Chromogranin A (CgA): this tumor marker can help to detect in diagnosing neuroendokrin cancer like lungs cancer and neuroblastoma (cancer on eyes).
  • Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA): this tumor marker is high in tame tumor condition or dangerous tumor at prostate. PSA has function in analyzing the success of surgery therapy or radiation on prostate cancer.
  • Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG): this tumor marker is high in testis cancer, ovary cancer, etc. HCG can be used to analyze the success of therapy at that cancer. But HCG can also be used to detect choriocarcinoma cancer (cancer at womb) in mola hidatidosa pregnancy and to adjust the success of therapy.
  • Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA): this tumor marker is high at colon cancer, pancreas, gastro, and rectum. CEA is used to adjust whether there is spreading of cancer cell (metastase) at colon-rectum cancer and to adjust the success of therapy.
  • Alpha-fetaprotein (AFP): this tumor marker is high at hepatocellular cancer and ovary cancer and testis (germ cell type) and to monitor hepatoma cancer.
  • Beta-2-microglobulin (B2M): this tumor marker is high in multiple myeloma, chronic leukemia limfostik and limfoma. B2M is used to decide the seriousness of cancer, the higher the level, the worst condition at future. B2M is used to adjust the success of multiple myeloma theraphy.

So how to make sure that you suffer from cancer?
The best way is by doing the mesh biopsy. The biopsy is done by doing surgery by taking a few of tumor then doing the histopatologi checking with the help of microscope to decide whether this tumor is dangerous or not.

Hopefully you could more understand on how to Detect Cancer by reading this post

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