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Beta Carotene Benefit

Beta Carotene BenefitFrom 600 types of carotenoid that are available in nature, only 10% that are categorized in pro vitamin A, one of them is beta carotene. This supplement mostly found in fruits and vegetables which colors are yellow and green. Beta Carotene Benefit shows not only good in attacking free radical but also good in protecting body from the cancer cells.

If you are adult and your age is above 25 years old, often consume alcohol, smoke and live in polluted area, so you belong to the people who have risk in lacking of beta carotene. This will stimulate any health disorders. Therefore, you have to know more about Beta Carotene Benefit.

Beta carotene benefits

It is not only good in attacking free radical and preventing body from cancer cells but this also has some benefits such as:

  • Keep the heart healthy. A research founds that if people’s blood contain high beta carotene, they have lower risk in suffering from heart attack.
  • One of Beta Carotene Benefit is protect body from the bad effect of cigarette and air pollution.
  • Protect people from the light allergy until 80%.
  • Help to improve body immunity. That is why this supplement includes in treatment that is given for AIDS sufferer.

You can get Beta Carotene Benefit from these sources

This nutrition mostly found in fruits and fresh vegetables which colors are yellow and green like mango, papaya, carrot, broccoli, leafy vegetables, and spinach.

The effect of lacking Beta Carotene

The body immunity will decrease so you easily get illness. Your skin doesn’t look bright, wrinkled, and easy to get peeled off,

The effect of consuming too much Beta Carotene

Beta carotene is safe for body. If you consume it too much, it will be put off through urine.

By knowing more about Beta Carotene Benefit, hopefully, you can take the positive effect for your health.

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