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The Benefits of Pineapple for Health: to Cure Laryngitis

The Benefits of Pineapple for HealthThe word ‘pineapple’ originates from Tupins who called this fruit: anana, which means “a very good fruit”. Pineapple or ananas (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.) is a tropical fruit originally comes from Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. In English the fruit is called pineapple because of its shape that looks like pine trees.

This fruit has some ‘eyes’ in it and bares a hint of gold and yellow with its tree around 50-150 cm at height. Its leaves gathered inside the root rosette with its base spread wide forming a midrib. The leaf strands shapes like a sword that is thick, tough and has a taper end that looks like a thorn. Pineapple tastes variously scrumptious, sour and sweet. It has thousand benefits for the body, either for beauty or health; even it is usually used to soften the meat.


This fruit contains a lot of vitamin A & C functioning as antioxidant. It as well contains calcium, phosphor, magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium, dextrose, sucrose, and bromelain. Bromelain is known to function as anti-inflammatory, to soften the food at the stomach and prevent the cancer cell growth.

Pineapple also contains quite high aspartic acid that functions as amino acid inside the body to help the process of metabolism. This acid also helps to dispose the ammonia acid from the body which is a dangerous material for the central nervous system. The fiber contained in the pineapple also helps to facilitate defecation for constipation sufferer. Some researches also mention that pineapple contains essential and non-essential amino acid to help strengthening the immune system in the body, relieving tiredness, and improving stamina and energy.


With so many contents the pineapple has, it’s no wonder that the fruit has also many benefits to treat illness. Some of them are to reduce the flow of too much gastric acid, to help food processing in the stomach, as anti-inflammatory, as diuretics, to help to clean dead skin cells (skin debridement), to disturb the growth of cancer cells and to prevent thrombosis’ clotting (platelet aggregation).

Treatment for Laryngitis

Peel 2 ripe pineapples and wash them with water. Cut in small pieces and juice or simply grate them. Squeeze the juiced or grated pineapples by using clean cloth. Drink the liquid 3 times a day, every about one third part each.


  • Pregnant women are prohibited to consume the juice of unripe pineapple.
  • Pineapple inside the alimentary tract is fermented to become alcohol that may cause the occurrence of Gout rheumatic.
  • Patients with Diabetes Melitus are better to limit the consumption pineapples regarding its relatively high level of sugar.
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