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When do the Body Needs Antibiotics?

When do the Body Needs Antibiotics?Careless use of antibiotics may originate the rash of super germs that the doctor will not unwisely allot the drug prescription. Besides examining through laboratory tests, the doctor can determine the antibiotics allotment based upon some symptoms.

Here are the indications signifying that body needs antibiotics.

  1. Fever

    Bacterial infections can cause a fever which is marked by the raising of body temperature that is sometimes accompanied by chill or shivering. Without these signs, the doctor will not prescribe antibiotics to the patients coming for him.

    Yet, a fever does not always need antibiotics, as when it is caused by infection from influenza virus. Infection caused by Influenza does not commonly need antibiotics and cannot be treated by using that medication. It will rather be healed by itself since it is a self-limiting disease.

  2. Prolonged Illness

    Infections caused by Influenza virus will only be treated with antibiotics if it is prolonged, causing another problem such as sinus infections. If the influenza symptoms do not abate in weeks, the doctor will likely allot antibiotics.

  3. Fairly Yellow Colored Sputum

    The color of the respiratory secretions, including phlegm and sputum can prove what sort of infections which occur, whether it is an infection caused by Influenza virus or caused by bacteria, though the accuracy still cannot be relied upon. The mucus will stay transparent and watery in Influenza infections, while in the bacterial infections it will turn thick and fairly yellow or green colored.

  4. Sore Throat

    The occurrence of bacterial infections is signified with the white spots around the inflammation that reddens the throat. Most of the fever starts with sore throat, but not all of them needs antibiotics. Without the white spots, anti-inflammatory medicine alone can heal it with no need of antibiotics.

  5. The Laboratory Tests Results

    The most accurate way to verify the occurrence of bacterial infections is by conducting laboratory tests of the mucus or urine samples, yet usually takes more time and cost. Doctor may prescribe antibiotics without doing the test if other indications have been strong enough to indicate the occurrence of bacterial infections.

One thing to keep in mind is that the misuse of antibiotics may cause bacteria to obtain resistance upon certain antibiotics. Therefore, antibiotics usage must be exact and in accordance to the doctor’s advice.

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