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Signs When a Man Loves a Woman

signs when man love womanWaiting for those three magic words to be uttered? It turns out that it doesn’t have to be verbal. All you need to do is by taking notice to his actions.

You know he feels the same way. But, why he still doesn’t want to say it directly from his mouth? Keep calm. Though those three words don’t come out easily like “You look really hot in that dress.” it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t think of those words. Men use little signs every time to show their love and care. If he shows these signs, then it’s pretty safe to say he is in love with you:

  1. He remembers small things
    It’s maybe not as romantic as in the movie, but sometimes it’s the little things that count. He knows your favorite color is red. He knows your mom doesn’t like chili foods. He can name all of your office colleagues. These are the signs that he remembers important things for you and well, that’s important to him.
  2. Doing many good things
    You know them when they happen. He picks you up when you go home late, buys you your favorite food and sends to your office something without any special reason. Those are proves that you are in his minds. So take notice when these things happen and appreciate them. It is not men’s nature to be romantic.
  3. Showing up in an important date
    For example in dinner with your big family when he is supposed to go outside the town tomorrow, picking you up at the airport while it is in fact his time to watch soccer together with his friends, companying you working the whole night – not all people could come to these special times. He doesn’t do this for just anybody.
  4. He is willing to change
    Changing his backpack with more mature bag, changing the way he eats no longer like in a food stall, and he lets you to take him shopping for a better pair of jeans/shirts. All of them from reducing his time hanging out with the guys to limiting his habit of drinking can become a way to show you that he really cares for you. Don’t get shocked if he asks you to be quick in dressing up when you are going out or how many shoes you have, there is such a thing called compromise.
  5. Actions speak louder than words
    Every woman must be furious when being picked up late or got the appointment cancelled in the last minutes, he forgot to call, etc. The men who care will keep his promise. From taking the laundry to finding a perfect place to stay for you is his way to say that he’s going to be there for big and small details. Paying the meals is one of them, picking up your dog from the salon and calling from the hotel room when he works out of town are a whole other deal.

So, when he hasn’t say I Love You, it can be that he shows it through the way he treats you. Take it nicely. Do not push and when it’s the time he will say what he’s been showing you all along.

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