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Hearing Ability Development In Baby

When your baby still in your womb, they already had the hearing ability to sounds or voices. But, its development will apparent after they are born. Generally, the development of hearing ability in baby at least will follow these following stages:

  • Newborn has already started to recognize to any kind of sounds or voices around them. The sudden sound, for example, is already able to make your baby shocked or opening her eyes wide.
  • At three months old, your baby is able to hear your voice joyfully and she/he has also been able to turn to you. Your baby is already able to babble “ah” or “oh” as a respond to your voice.
  • At seven months old, your baby is already start to know where the sounds or voices come from.
  • At nine months old, your baby is able to recognize sounds that are produced from the other room although the sounds are not loud.
  • At twelve months, your baby understands to the number of words and also the group of words. They also start to overcome buzzing sound when your baby wants to concentrate with their books or their toys.

You can also test your baby’s hearing ability by doing these following tips:

  • For baby less than three months: clap your hand behind your baby’s head, if they are shocked, it means that their hearing ability is good. If they are not, repeat it again for several times.
  • For baby between four and six months: call their name to make sure whether they turn to you or get react to your voice. Also make sure that your baby turns their eyes and head if they hear a sound that is interest.
  • For baby between six and ten months: make sure your baby respond to the familiar sounds, such as phone ring or thundering sound of vacuum machine.
  • For baby more than ten months: ask your baby to point the objects that are known by them in their picture book. If your baby doesn’t able to do that, it indicates that there is something wrong with your baby’s hearing ability. Consult it with your doctor.

Hopefully this post at least will be slightly useful for you in developing your baby’s hearing ability in the right manner.

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