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Meningitis in Baby

Meningitis is an inflammation in one or more of the three membranes coated human brain. This kind of disease is caused by several microorganisms, including virus and bacteria. Meningitis that is caused by virus generally not more dangerous than caused by bacteria. Even the occurrence of meningitis caused by bacteria is rare, but if it is happened, it will be rapidly spread so that as soon as possible it is needed to be handle. Meningitis could be happened at any time, although it will often occur in the winter.

As it is noted above, there are several kinds of meningitis. Meningitis that is caused by Haemophilus influenzae in the past time is the kind of meningitis that are often happened in baby before Hib vaccine are found. Meningitis meningococcal is caused by Neisseria meningitides and it possesses two main groups, which are B group and C group. The C group meningitis is a third of the whole of meningitis cases that are believed as the cause of its spreading in the school or in the other closing-community place. While B group meningitis is the two-third of the whole cases of meningitis that is only happen in one baby in the community, although sometimes there are several case clusters. This kind of meningitis generally happens in babies younger than 12 month and also in the older teenager.

Bacteria that cause meningitis can’t live in the outside of human body. Therefore, meningitis can’t be spread in the public hall. Conversely, the bacteria can be spread by nose liquid when the sufferer coughing or sneezing. When the bacteria inhaled, they will reach to the layer of the upside respiration tract then spread to the blood vessels. Eventually, the bacteria are brought by blood to the meningens, a protector membrane that layering the human brain, where the inflammation is happened.

Here are the symptoms of meningitis in baby:

  • Red purplish spots on the skin (on any part), that will develop rapidly into the bigger mark. If it is pushed by a clear empty glass, then those spots will not change into white even for only several seconds.
  • Baby looks sleepy and difficult to awake.
  • Restless and easy to peevish.
  • Vomiting and doesn’t want to eat.
  • Dislike to be carried.
  • Fever.
  • Showing confuse and weird expression.
  • Stiff neck.
  • Fontanel feels stiff or swell.
  • A roaring crying.
  • Skin looks pale or its color doesn’t spread evenly.

You should call your pediatrician to get the appropriate treatment of meningitis for your baby. Your doctor will give this several treatment, such as taking out the liquid sample from nose and also throat in order to identify the causing bacteria.

Three of four babies that suffer bacterial meningitis can totally heal. Some of them will be deaf and will have brain damage. This disease is also can cause temporary damage of nervous system which is usually will getting better in a month.

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