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How to Take Care of Oily Hair

If you feel that your hair looks a little greasy, then your hair might be oily. Your scalp produces more sebum than usual. You might don’t want to through that situation, therefore You might need these tips on how to take care of oily hair:

Wash Your Hair Daily

People who have normal or dry hair don’t need to wash their hair everyday (unless you came out sweating from the gym). However, it is necessary for those who have oily hair. Look for a product that will help target the specific problem.

Use Cool Water

Warmer temperatures tend to open up the pores while cooler temperatures minimize it. This principle also applies to your hair scalp. There is an increase of oil glands if you shower using hot water. Try to lower it down to something that’s much cooler to prevent your hair from looking greasy.

Be Careful With Conditioners

Conditioners are very important to use because your hair strands needed ample moisture. However, don’t apply it at the roots of your hair. That’s the part where the oil glands are more concentrated. Apply it only at the middle part up to the tips. The ends of your hair is the one area where you need to apply more conditioner since it’s more vulnerable and prone to split-ends.

Use Homemade Masks For Oily Hair

Yes, I know there are a lot of hair masks that are sold in the market, but there’s nothing like something that is very homemade. You can get something that can be easily found in the kitchen. If you want to check out what they are, you can click on this link here.

For Quick Touch Ups, Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos will help absorb any oils from your roots, so they will help keep your hair in a much more manageable state. If you don’t own any dry shampoo, try using baby powder. Put a little bit of the powder on the brush and use it to brush your hair. It will also do the job of absorbing the oil.

How about you guys? how do you take care of oily hair? Let us know by commenting below!

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