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How to Look For Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone

If you want to give yourself a makeover, changing your hair color will definitely give you just that. As the rule states, the hair color that we are naturally born with is the most perfect match for our skin tone. However, we can always take it up a notch and choose shades that can flatter our skin color.


  • Basic Rule

    The most basic rule in choosing the right hair color is to figure out your skin tone. A warm skin tone goes well with warm toned hair colors while cool toned hair colors work best with a cooler toned skin color. It’s also recommended to only go one or two shades darker (or lighter) than your natural hair color. If you are trying to search for the perfect color, look for swatches and try to match them with your skin. You can even ask a friend to help you compare.

  • Pale Complexions

    If you have a fair complexion, it is best to stay away from colors that are too extreme. Platinum blonde shades can make you look washed out. While super jet black colors can make you look gothic. Avoid these shades as much as possible. If you find that the gothic or the pale look is more of your thing, then you can go ahead with it. Look for hair color that has cooler tones in them so that they can complement your hair color nicely.

  • Dark Complexions

    Latte shades and darker reds can help flatter the warm skin tones of girls who have dark complexions. Girls who are dark skin tend to have thicker hair cuticles, so it can be quite a task to have your hair lightened. I suggest that that you ask advice from an expert to recommend a procedure that wouldn’t compromise the integrity of your hair.

  • Tanned Skin and Olive Skin

    For girls who have tanned skin, choosing colors that are too golden will not look flattering. Instead try to use warmer shades that aren’t too overwhelming. Neutral shades and shades that have a hint of copper can definitely accentuate your skin tone.

    For those with olive tones in their skin, caramel tones, cooler reds and burgundy shades can do the trick.

  • Pink Toned Skin

    If you have a more pinkish tone to your skin, stay away from cooler reds because it can make you look even more flushed. Neutral shades can work well for your hair color.

If you are still a little confused with your choices, it is best to seek advice from an expert. Try to color your hair at a salon and ask them for any recommendations.

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