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10 Tips to Increase Lactation

When a mother feeds her child with natural milk from her breasts, she realizes that she has fulfilled her mission in this world as a complete woman. Lactation is a natural phenomenon that occurs in every new mother after birthing. Though it is a natural phenomenon, some mothers discover that they don’t secrete enough milk for their child. This could result because of a number of problems.

All problems, be these physical, mental or emotional, are likely to affect the milk production. While most new moms enjoy breast feeding their new born, many mothers find that their milk supply is not sufficient and look out for ways to increase milk supply.

Tips for Increasing Lactation

Learn to recognize your comfort levels and devise a plan that helps increase lactation. There is no connection between decrease in lactation and the breast feeding technique as such. You can increase lactation by following these tips.

  1. The position of the baby during lactation is very crucial. Make sure your baby is comfortable and is placed at a position that’s comfortable to both of you. This will ensure that the baby is able to suck milk from your breasts easily without much effort. Keeping the baby in an awkward position will make your baby uncomfortable and not enjoy the lactation process and this will decrease milk production. The more the baby sucks, the more milk gets secreted. It’s a natural process as milk for the new born was primarily made for the child as its nutrition.
  2. Nurse as often as you can. Like discussed earlier, the more your baby nurses, the more milk production happens. There is no scope for over feeding as your baby will not drink more milk than it requires and will automatically stop suckling when he/she feels full.
  3. Milk is actually part of your blood getting converted as milk for the baby. So, increase your intake of fresh fruits, include milk in your diet, nutritious foods and lots of fluids like water. Nutritious foods help in the lactation process.
  4. Learn to relax. Being stressed out can lead to a decrease in lactation. It’s important to remain calm when feeding your baby. When nursing your baby, closet yourself away from others and seclude yourself in a separate room that leaves you calm. Never feed while watching television or in a room where people are screaming at each other or in a noisy room.
  5. Consult your doctor to prescribe medication for increasing milk production. Talk to other people about herbs that can help increase lactation or you can even Google for the information. There are many herbs that can increase lactation. Prescription medications like Domperidone and Reglan ( metoclopramide) will be prescribed by your doctor for increasing lactation.
  6. Rest is very important. You need lots of rest as fatigue can affect milk production. Learn to take a nap whenever your bay is enjoying his/her snooze. Rest will help rejuvenate your internal organs. Good sleep during the nights is very important for lactation.
  7. Avoid smoking as this will have a negative effect on lactation. Not only will your milk production decrease, and the bad toxin, nicotine, will pass on through your blood to your child through your breast feeds. Drugs also will have the same effect, so stay away from sleeping pills, and other allergy medications.
  8. Don’t time your feeding, and when your baby weans himself/ herself away from one breast, offer the other breast to it by changing the child’s position. A child may wean away because of insufficient secretion of milk in that particular breast.
  9. If your baby refuses to breast feed, then it is necessary for you to use a breast pump to remove the milk filling your breasts. This will enable more milk to secrete for the next feed. The pumped milk can be stored in the refrigerator and fed to the baby.
  10. Never use artificial nipples when feeding your baby. This will restrict the natural secretion and flow of milk. Every time your baby needs to be comforted, offer your breasts for the baby to suckle and this will encourage milk flow and also help calm the baby. The baby experiences a sense of security when it suckles at the breasts.
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