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Providing Safe House For Your Baby: 5 Tips

Accident had been something usual for baby to be experienced, whether it is minor or major. There are so rare that baby never experience accident (hopefully our baby will not get accident). It is caused by the world around, people, and also baby itself can’t be predicted. Generally, accident appears as minor accident, such as deliberately falling away of object or baby who is sitting is fallen to the behind so that their head is landed on the floor.

Protect our baby is the main task for parents. One thing that we should remember that serious accident could be happened in anytime and anywhere, so we should never careless to protect our baby. I believe that with the right handling we can eliminate all of possibility for serious accident to be happened in our beloved one.

Check these 5 tips to provide safe environment inside the house:

  • If your baby moves on the floor, make sure that the floor is free from tiny objects that are possible to be taken by them and they could put it into their mouth.
  • Make sure that every precious household furnishing that are easily broken should put beyond baby’s reach.
  • Closed every electrical plug that is near from floor and put cables behind furniture on the bottom of wall. Also closed the cables by using pipe.
  • Set the safe fence up on the top-side and bottom-side of stair, don’t forget to also set the lock up in every case and door that are in low-position.
  • Keep the ropes of curtains at a distance, because it can twisted and choke your baby.

Hopefully those 5 simple tips above could help you in providing safe environment inside the house for your baby.

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