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Amazing Skin Detox Tips

Weather conditions, unhealthy lifestyle and frequent exposure to harsh elements can take a toll on your skin. While we are detoxifying our bodies by eating nutritious foods, we must also take good care of our skin. Here are some amazing skin detox tips that will surely help keep your skin glowing.

Amazing Skin Detox Tips

  1. Give Yourself A Facial Massage

    A facial massage helps keep the skin glow because it stimulates blood circulation. It also helps in decreasing puffiness, and ugly eye bags. You can use your usual moisturizing cream, or you can use olive oil. Your skin will instantly look fresh and vibrant. It is recommended that you do facial massages at least once a week.

  2. Skin Detox Tips

  3. Hydrating Masks

    Hydrating masks give your skin tons of moisture and nutrients that will help keep it smooth and supple. You can either invest in sheet masks or you create your own cotton mask at home. All you need is some cotton pads and some skin conditioner. First, shake your skin conditioner and soak your cotton pads in them. Once these pads are saturated, slowly stretch them. Don’t use a lot of force or else they will tear apart. Place them all over your face, avoiding the eye area. Leave them on for at least 10 minutes and they peel them off. Apply this mask at night, and then follow up with your usual serum and moisturizer.

  4. Face Brushing

    Face brushing is the same as exfoliating your skin. You can opt for exfoliating face pads. Use your favorite cleanser and then allow the pad to do its exfoliating magic.

  5. Facial Mists

    Facial mists give your tired skin a fresh burst of moisture. Your skin can get dry during the day so always remember to keep your facial mist in your purse and spray them on your face for instant brightness.

  6. Say No To Unhealthy Foods!

    Nourishing your body from the inside is a great way to bring the glow back on your face. Drink lots of water and opt for a low sodium and low sugar diet. Munch on fruits and vegetables instead of your favorite chips.

With these detox skin care tips, you will surely never go wrong with them. Try these tips out and you’ll definitely see the difference.

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