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Soy Milk vs Cow Milk

Soy milk and cow milk for womenDo you know that actually the protein need in body for one day (about 30%) can be fulfilled only by drinking 2 glasses of soy bean milk? So now if the price of milk is so expensive, the soy bean milk can be the alternative.

This is because the composition of soy bean milk is almost same with the cow milk. Moreover soy bean milk is good to be consumed by them who are allergy with the cow milk. These people don’t have or lack of lactase enzyme in their digest system so they can’t digest lactose in cow milk.

The nutrition in soy bean milk

Generally soy bean milk contains of vitamin B2, B2 niasin, piridoksin, and high vitamin B. Other vitamins that contain in this milk are vitamin E and K. Now, in the market, there are 2 types of soy bean milk which are liquid and flour. But the liquid soy bean milk that is mostly made to be sold. The soy bean milk can be served purely. It means you can drink it without sugar or else.

The soy bean milk has bunny flavor because of that to reduce this you can add sugar or add other flavors like mocha, pandanus, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, etc. The adding of sugar is usually 5-7% from the weight of milk. If you add sugar more than 11% it can make you full fast. Like cow milk, the soy bean milk can be made into sour milk. If the sour milk that is made from cow milk is called yoghurt so the sour milk that is from soy bean milk is called soyghurt.

Is cow milk still the greatest?

Every 100 gram of cow milk contains 70.5 kilocalorie of heat, 3.4 gram of protein, 3.7 gram of fat, 125 milligram of calcium and the percentage of absorbing by body is 98%-100%.

In milk usually contained vitamin B2 and vitamin A, protein, and also amino acids that are important for body growing process. Now, cow milk is usually called by the food stuff with the complete vitamin and also as the ‘white blood’ that helps body to keep health.

By consuming minimum 1 glass of milk in one day, you can get some benefits for your body such as:

  • The potassium can move the blood vessels partition so it can keep body still stabile. So you can prevent the possibility of suffering from high blood pressure and also heart disease.
  • The iodine, zinc, and leticin can improve the efficiency of brain work process.
  • Fe, chrome, and vitamin A in milk has function for beauty reason, it can make skin still bright.
  • The tyrosine in milk can support the happiness hormone and can make someone sleep tightly.
  • The calcium in milk can make the bone strong, avoid the bone from the shrink bone or bone fracture.
  • The magnesium in milk can make heart and the nerves system is not easy to be tired.
  • The zinc in milk can heal the hurt fast.
  • The vitamin B2 in milk can sharp the sight seeing sense.

Especially for women, this is several things you should know:

  • I ever read that women who have had breast cancer may want to limit their intake of soy protein, as some studies have pointed to possible harm from consuming excess soy in this group.

    It means women who suffer from breast cancer should limit the consumption of soy milk as the source of soy protein.

  • Health benefit of soy for menopausal women is it can reduces the frequency and intensity of hot flashes in menopausal women which is similar to estrogen-replacement therapy.

Whatever your choice, just make sure that you can consume milk in enough portion so the benefit can be felt by your body.

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