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Juices for Pregnant Woman

Knowing the good Juices for Pregnant Women

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In the pregnancy period, you are only the one who becomes the nutrition supplier to your womb. Fulfill the nutrition need with any juices from different fruits. These are some top juices for pregnant woman.

  • Apple: mix few celery with the apple juice to handle sleeping disorder in pregnany period. You can also mix it with spinach. The combination of pectin and oksalik acid at spinach is great to release dirt in the large intestine that has settled for several days. The pectin essence in apple also helps to reduce cholesterol level that can disturb the heart function.
  • Carrot: it can be the instant energy if pregnant woman feels tired. Carrot can also reduce the blood sugar level for those who suffer from diabetes and it can also prevent the attack of high blood pressure and preeclampsia.
  • Avocado: the calorie, the fat, and the oil that is contained in avocado don’t only become the source of energy for pregnant woman but it can also reduce the cholesterol level and keep the pliancy of the muscles.
  • Melon: the beta carotene, pro vitamin A, magnesium, mangan, zinc, and chrome in melon can reduce the inflammation and cure the inflammation in intestine. The pure sugar and enzyme that contained in melon has absorption function at intestine. It can absorb the food if you eat in hurry so the food can’t be chewed well. Or if you eat too much spicy food, there is medicine deposit in your stomach, and if you feel queasy.
  • Orange: it contains vitamin C that is not only good for body immune system, but it can also release the mucus clog in throat, nose, lungs and stomach. It can also clean the liver and reduce the painful feeling that caused by influenza. The mixing of lime with honey can cure the sorethroat and amandel. For those who have gastro disorder, they can choose orange that is not too sour.
  • Papaya and mango: the mixing juice of papaya and mango has high level of carbohydrate and enzyme. This fresh juice can cure the swollen, the inflammation, digest disorder and fever. The mango juice itself can reduce the risk of dehydration and make the blood circulation run well. While papaya can make the defecation process run well and it can also cure constipation.
  • Pear: it can cure the queasy feeling in your stomach because the high acid level that comes from high calorie, spicy and oily food. Pear can also be mixed with apple and lime.
  • Pomegranate: it can help to clean up the mouth and teeth, prevent the infection so it can help to solve bad smell problem at mouth. Pomegranate can also reduce the risk of brain infection at womb that happens in 2:1000 giving birth process.
  • Tomato: it can help the glycogen formation in liver so it is good to keep the stamina well. The mineral salt in tomato can raise the appetite and stimulate the saliva production so the food can be digested well.
  • Watermelon: it can repair the blood contents. For pregnant woman who suffers from diabetes, consuming the watermelon juice regularly can keep the sugar blood level constant. The excess of uric acid in body can cause arthritis, rheumatic, and be poisoned by urea. But those illness can be cured by drinking watermelon juice twice a day regularly.
  • Longan: this fruit contains sucrose, glucose, protein, fat, tartaric acid, vitamin A and B. As one of the energy sources, this sweet fruit can improve the stamina after suffering from certain illness. Longan is good in fulfilling energy for weak pregnant woman or for woman who has just given birth. Eating this fruit regularly can improve your appetite and prevent your body from anemia. Just consume it in proper portion, if you eat too much your body will be hot since it causes the excess of energy.
  • Star fruit: drinking or eating star fruit and swallow it slowly can prevent and cure mouth and throat infection. The mixing of star fruit and honey can help the urinate process run well.
  • Lychee: besides it contains protein, fat, vitamin C, phosphor, and zinc, it also contains sucrose and glucose. Consuming lychee at night can add the energy reserves for the next day.
  • Cucumber: it can cure backache, muscles stiff, and skin damage in the pregnancy period. Cucumber juice is rich with silicat that can improve the strength of muscles, tendon, ligament, and the improvement of skin color, hair, nail, and cartilage.

Hopefully you can find the right juice for you and like it, so try those kind of juices at home and get the benefits.

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