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Tips on Restoring Sunburn Skin

Restore-Sunburn-SkinWhoever planning a vacation to the beach, must have known the consequences. So, no wonder all the equipments to combat against the sun were taken along. Leggings, sunglasses, and sun block become mandatory goods. In fact, according to the advice, anyone who would play on the beach must continually smear sun block every half hour or an hour once. But the limitation of this and that―it somehow seems complicated to keep returning to the ship or the shore on the middle of snorkeling, right? ―lets us smear the sun block just one time before the activity.

The time we have on the beach is naturally fun. But actually, the sand and sea water make us itchy, while the hot sun causes [wpseo]Sunburn Skin[/wpseo], brown, and even poignant. For those who basically have white skin, the sun would fairly redden the skin. For those who have slightly dark skin, it would be getting browner. If it were so, be patient while treating it till the skin is back to the regular condition. Do not be disappointed. If you know how to recover it, there is no need to be feared. Consider the following tips:

  • After playing on the beach, get a cool bath to relieve sore and redness in the skin. When the skin is no longer washed in cold water, the skin may feel burn and smarting, but at least the pain can be muted for a while.
  • Itching in various parts of the body can make you mad, but resist the temptation to scratch it. Let it stand for a while to not make things worse.
  • A few days after getting off the beach, try not to engage too much with the sun. Suppose if there is a job that forces you to have activity outdoors, do not forget to wear long-sleeved clothing, pants or long skirts, hats and sunglasses so that new skin is not getting burned worse.
  • Drink lots of water. Your body works hard to recover the smarting Skin Sunburn, which is why it feels hot to touch. So make sure no shortage of body fluids. No less importantly, maintain your body with the consumption of nutritious foods so that all parts of the body can continue working in accordance rations and in their respective portions.
  • Wear loose clothing so that no skin irritation worsens. The sweat will not lead to a fungus that can cause itching – like if you wear tight clothes. Fabric must also be considered. For this case, cotton is best.
  • It is recommended for a day or two days for not using soap in the shower (even if you really want to, just a little will do). It is because the content of soap may eliminate the body’s natural oils that are important to the healing process of skin burns.
  • When you rub the dirt on your body, do not be too harsh. Avoid pumice stone or other hard tools. Instead, use a soft sponge to avoid more sore irritation.

After knowing what needs to be done and avoided, is there a simple treatment that can be tried to fasten the recovery? Do not be sad. In these days, there are many things that you can try with using simple items while you are alone at home without a bother to go to the beauty salon. Let us refer to some of them:

  • Aloe Vera is definitely one you can think of if there is a question on what powerful natural ingredient to help the healing of Sunburned Skin. It’s really easy to do it. Save the Aloe Vera in the fridge. When it is cool enough, remove, cut, and then apply its gel into the burned skin. If you don’t to be bothered, simply visit the beauty shop and you can find dozens products of Aloe Vera cooling gel.
  • In addition to Aloe Vera, cucumber is also believed to be able to relieve painful skin burns. The trick is easy. Slice cucumber and place it on the skin of the fire. Let it stand for 20-30 minutes.
  • Potatoes and tomatoes are also equally useful. The difference with cucumber is that it is better for potatoes and tomatoes to be crushed first. After that, it’s the same with cucumber, apply and let it stand for 20-30 minutes. You may not immediately see the palpable results in the first experiment, but in the second and third time, certain changes would begin to appear.
  • Although there has been no official study that revealed the reason how white vinegar can help the healing process of skin burn, obviously there have a lot of people who try and succeed. The trick is to mix a few tablespoons of it in a bucket of water. Put inside the bucket a towel, squeeze it, and place it on the sore part. Let it stand a few moments and then rinse the skin.
  • One more thing that might be a bit strange is creamy mustard (mustard). Generally, this cream is very good to flavor hot dogs, but apparently it is also powerful to relieve Hot Skin Burned. Just apply a little of it to the skin and wait until it dries. After that, rinse the skin.
  • If you are too familiar with the two previous points, you can choose a tea bath. Same way as white vinegar, dip black tea or black tea in the water. Put inside a towel and place it to the Skin Sunburn. This method will be more effective if it’s done before bedtime so the tea can be better absorbed into the skin. The next day, rinse at once with a shower in the morning.
  • In addition to bath teas, milk baths can also be an alternative. Fill your bathtub with one third water, and then fill the rest with white milk. Bathe inside for 20-30 minutes. In addition to relieve sore, your skin can also be much brighter. Do it every day for at least a week after returning from the beach.

Remember that the techniques mentioned above would be more effective if you do it as soon as possible. To complete it, every time you finish a treatment, apply cocoa butter lotion which can protect and strengthen the skin.

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