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Men Version of Telephone Rules That You Need to Know

Men Version TelephoneA survey written by Andy Buffington in his book entitled Cheap Tricks for Psychological Lover says, only 56% of phone conversation topic done by men that is personal, while females reached 95% of the personal topic. It shows that men have a different style of communicating with women. In addition to not like talking about personal matters on the phone, it turns out there are other things you need to know about the rules of telephoning for men. What are they?

  • When a man does not ask for a phone number

    Actually, there are many shy men who do not quickly capture the signal you gave. That’s why a man who seems interested to you not right away asks for your phone number.

    There’s no need to be desperate, instead of waiting for him who seems to be less active, you can start off by saying “Call me sometime!” Wait for his reaction, if it turns out that he does not react to this, that’s it. Just forget it.

  • When the men left a ‘missed call’

    The men admit that they do ‘missed call’ because they want to know the reaction of the woman. So if you find ‘missed call’ from him without any message, you should not directly call back. You may do it if he left a message.

  • When men does not call

    This means that there are two choices, he is not interested in you or he is interested but there is no time to do it because there are too many important works that keep him away from calling you. Better to give him time for about 3-4 days. What if he still never calls? Just move on!

  • If the response is no fun

    You just met him last night and immediately wanted to call him tomorrow morning. Rest assured you will get a less enthusiastic welcome from him. An image of a woman who is too fast would make him lose the “feel” for you. Just be patient waiting to call for about 1-2 days.

When he finally calls and you let him leave messages on the voice mail…

Consider the meaning contained in the message it conveys:

  • “Hi … uumm .. I want to chat with you … but I couldn’t reach you. So hhhmm I’ll just leave you a message.”
    His stuttered voice reveals that he was nervous and it is a sign that he is captivated by your charm.
  • “Hello, this is Sony. Call me back, OK? Bye …. ”
    Straight sentences like this sometimes are considered to be less significant by women. But that is man; they tend to always go straight to the point. Just do what he asks (if you’re interested in him), without having to bother to ‘translate’ what exactly is contained in his words.
  • “I’m hanging out with friends and just want to say hi,”
    This means he is interested in you, even though he is with someone else but his mind is still focused on you.
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