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When Your Partner Acts Different, What to Do?

Partner relationship acts differentMost relationships always begin with a sense of interest and passionate feelings, especially in terms of who was doing the approach. At this time, the man is highlighting his good quality and willing to do anything including adjusting to a figure of a man the woman has been dreaming of. As a result, many women involve into a relationship with the wrong perceptions about the partner. Sometimes, this is what triggers the change in the attitude of the couple. As we begin to feel comfortable in the relationship, they begin to become who they really are, cold and not romantic. Communication which formerly happens intensely begins to decrease in amount. The interesting and romantic dates become a mere memory.

Intentionally or not, our importance in their life begins to decline. Suddenly, our partner becomes very busy in their work, more concerned with the time spent with their friends, etc. that makes many women feel anxious. Many have become insecure and possess negative feeling as if the partner are bored or attracted to other women. These thoughts make a lot of women react more possessively towards their partner, for example by starting to more frequently call the boyfriend to go out, asking what are they doing, with whom, and so on. Sounds familiar? And if the partner still acts the same way then we show our emotions with anger, protest, or crying, which will only make their acts worse.

Why? Because by doing so, it unwittingly turns and positions the women to be the ones who now are ‘chasing’ the guys to ‘get’ their love back. This turning position however will only make the situation worse since a man basically has a nature to be the initiator and a leader and the same thing happens too in a relationship.

So, what should be done when out partner begins to act differently?

1. Communication with partner

Tell your partner about their changes in attitude since sometimes they do not realize it. However, the communication here needs to be done only once because if we constantly remind him about the issue, he would feel disrespected. Remember also to hold talks with cold head.

2. Self-introspection

If a boyfriend changes in attitude, we do not necessarily point the finger to him without introspection towards ourselves. In every relationship there are always two parties involved. Therefore, let us consider whether there is behavior that makes the couple changed attitude? We too must be willing to reduce our ego to change for the common good.

3. Be positive

Positive outlook always bring a positive impact too in the relationship. One respondent explained that although her husband is now cold and not romantic anymore, but she is grateful that her husband is still responsible for meeting the needs of the family, never be rude, and so on. By having such a view, she then become positive that makes the relationship with her husband grew tighter and tighter.

4. Accept your partner just the way they are

Some men are not the person who is basically a romantic and attentive like they were at the beginning of a relationship. You need to know that it is when you already understand each other, he could be himself. It is as long as he still loves you, is respectful and responsible, try to understand this and do not demand too much from the partner. Instead, change our expectations of a partner because changes can only start from us.

5. Give privacy

In the book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, it is explained that there is time when men needed some alone time to be inside their ‘cave’. And this is not to say that he does not love their partner. Therefore, we as women need to understand if at any time he may need some time alone or to gather with friends. We can even use this time to gather with our friends or doing activities that we like. I can guarantee that after they get out of the ‘cave’, he will miss you so much that the sparks in the relationship will be maintained.

Thus, the decision is yours. If the partner changes his attitude, but you think the relationship deserves to keep, there are 5 tips above you can apply. Do you have any other better way?

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