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The Love Language Between Mom and Daughter

Love language mother daughterThe communication that can strengthen the relationship between mom and her daughter is love language.

Mostly girls will imitate their mother as the role model. It’s because her mom is the closest reference that a girl has to define herself as a woman.

But nothing can guarantee that the relationship between mother and daughter always run smoothly. Because of that the communication is the main key to keep the interaction between mom and daughter well.

The good communication based on their awareness of their role. It means mom must not always be as parent who always regulates and daughter should not always be a rebel. This situation can be created if we have love language as a mother and a daughter.

Here is the love language between mom and daughter:

For Mother

  1. Listen her without criticize. Give her freedom and comfort so she can express anything that she feels or she thinks. Children are the complete individuals who don’t need to be created like our character. By appreciating her existence, we have given our daughter awareness to appreciate others include us as her parent.
  2. Give her courage to be an independent woman. The independence started from the parents trust at children. Because of that, trust your daughter so she will be more appreciate life by being responsible with herself.
  3. Know all her activities that she joins in her school. This will make us understand the activities that can make her feel can actualize herself. And indirectly, we can read her character. Give her freedom to choose and let her be responsible with her choice. Especially for your daughter who has grown up, don’t be doubtful to ask her goal in life. In that way, she will be created for having and realizing her goal.
  4. Give her compliment. Anyone likes to be praised if she can reach something successfully. This is the positive energy that can improve her confidence. So, always praise her if she is successful to get something.
  5. Create the activity between mom and daughter. This will be the fun way to share experience and thoughts. So we will know what is being experienced by our daughter without investigating her.

For daughter:

  1. Appreciate your mom just the way she is. Believe that your mom always wants the best thing for you. Sometimes it makes mom over protective when she realizes that there is difference between her and her children. So appreciate any suggestions and her wants. Deliver your opinion with the clear explanation not by considering your mom as someone who doesn’t know anything.
  2. Share your story with mom. When we open to our mom, she can be our best friend. Because of that, try to spare your time with her by going to the spa or to the gym. Make that moment as a time for sharing your story, emotion, and special moment with your mom.
  3. Make a friend with your mom. When we try to realize our dream, mom can give the biggest motivation in our life. Because her sincerity to love and support us, it will be the energy that will never fade away. This will make us always have motivation to face any troubles and appreciate every success.
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