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Tips to Get Beautiful Legs

Tips-Beautiful-LegsSometimes we often put less attention upon people’s judgment. But do you know that everybody has their standards and ways to judge someone’s physical appearance. They may in obvious way check at one’s appearance by looking from head to toe just to make sure if the person are treating his/her physics appearance well enough.

Facing the diversity of how the people to judge appearance, it is important to look okay from the tip of hair, face, up to toe.

Speaking of feet, compared to the face, hair, and other parts, this particular body part seems to be left out. For example, when applying lotion, after you get to the ankle, the instep rarely gets its portion.

No wonder when wearing sandals, the drought often struck this area. Not to mention the effects of scorching sun makes the color of skin blemishes.

To make you always feel confident, here are simple tips you can do routinely at home:

  • Never forget to apply lotion or olive oil to get to the instep and the soles of the feet (avoiding the sidelines of the fingers) each time you finish taking a bath, especially while going out of the house.
  • Before bed, rub the soles of the feet where the skin is harder with a pumice stone. Pumice is trusted effective to peel off the dead skin cells rather than other foot scrub products displayed in beauty outlets. But remember to wet your feet first with water.
  • In addition to pumice, you can also use orange or lemon halves to rub hard the skin soles.
  • After the scrub, soak the feet briefly in warm water. Rinse with cold water and then dry them. Apply foot cream or lotion and put on socks during sleep. Feet will feel softer when you wake up the next day.
  • Put a little powder in shoes because it makes the lotion to be quickly absorbed.
  • Cut toenails regularly. Do not let them grow too long, because the dust would easily go in and make your nails soiled, dirty and unkempt. If you have more time, try to do pedicure treatment once a month.
  • In addition to pedicures, before bed, apply vitamin E to the toenails, which is beneficial to avoid dryness and breakage.
  • On rainy days, there are times when water gets inside your shoes. If so, do not keep wearing them because it causes the feet to get cold until it wrinkles. But not only when it rains, every time you finish washing the feet, make sure your feet are dry enough before wearing shoes.
  • Conversely during the dry season where the sun shines brightly, make sure to apply sunscreen to all parts of the foot so that the skin won’t get discolored.

Hopefully by following those tips you can get your Beautiful Legs.

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