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First Date Success Tips

First date success tipsYou know him from your friend. After talking for long time, you decide to meet up.

This time is for dating. But the term ‘first date’ is too scary for you.

How if you don’t have anything to talk, then both of you only keep silent and he looks at you as someone who is so boring?

In order to have success date, you can try these tips:

  1. Show your confidence through your body language

    For most people, the first date becomes the tense moment because they don’t know what will happen next. But any responds that you receive from him, always be cool and confident. Show it through your body language.

    The first way is to keep eye contacy while you speak to him. But you have to remember that keeping eye contact is different with staring at him. Look at him gently and avoid seeing other direction when you talk to him.

    The first date is so tenseful but don’t let your nervous feeling is felt by him. When your voice becomes trembled, just stop for a while and take a deep breath before you continue to speak. Avoid to knock the table or sway your legs as the sign that you are nervous.

  2. Don’t be talkative!

    The love relationship will unite two heads into one so if you dominate the conversation in the first date, he has known how it feels if you become his girlfriend. Don’t forget that you are in two ways conversation so give him chance to tell many things.

  3. What must be talked?

    So this is the chore. It can start from the light topic that liked by many people. The latest movie or favorite restaurant can be a good starter for the conversation. After the first step you can talk about another topic that is more private like talking about his family or job.

  4. The clear and brief answer

    Remember that is still the first date. If you talk about his job limit your question. Just ask what is his job and how he deals with that. Avoid the sensitive topic like talking about the annoying boss, working partner or the salary. This kind of conversation should be talked later.

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