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6 Tips to Live Well

Live Well TipsWho said that being healthy is hard to do and takes expensive cost? In fact, by doing simple things we can eliminate or put away diseases from our body. For an instance, by doing these points of treatment, you can gain your healthiness in many simple ways.

  • Do: Brush and Floss.

    Health benefit: decrease the risk for suffering head and neck cancer up to 400%.

    Study conducted by Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York, showed that persons who suffer chronic gum disease have risk 4 times greater to be having head and neck cancer than the normal one, especially in the area of mouth and throat. Gum disease happens when the bacteria in the plaque area infect the gum. Therefore, it is very important to always brush your teeth and floss it in order to prevent the plaque nested in your teeth.

  • Do: Hiding your Remote TV.

    Health benefit: Loss the abdominal circumference up to 5 cm.

    It comes many benefits for you if you want to get rid of the remote TV for a while since manually change the TV channels could reduce your abdominal circumference up to 16%, study said. Event, simple activities such as walking and running for minutes could give many beneficial effects for your health. You can also conduct this activity in between time of your work in the office, such as get stretch your body before reading the email, etc.

  • Do: Doodling when Meeting.

    Health benefit: Increase your memory span up to 29%.

    Doodling activity while you’re hearing an explanation about something could increase your memory ability to memorize the explanation. It is clear that doodling couldn’t be considered as useless activity since you can gain the benefits from it. They who have doodling activity as the habit are more able to remember the detail a third better than who do not. Besides, doodling activity could also prevent us to fall asleep.

    Doodling helps us to against drowsiness. This activity gives enough distraction that prevents us to be sleepy and we are still able to be focused to the explanation given.

  • Do: Conducting Warrior Pose.

    Health benefit: Curing back pain up to 56%.

    Did you always complain about the back pain? Spending your time to conduct Yoga could reduce lower back pain significantly. This thing was presented based on the research conducted at West Virginia University. The researchers ask 45 people who had back pain to do Yoga exercise twice a week for 6 months. The result was shocking, they are less suffering in back pain and the depression they had before decreased up to 60%.

  • Do: Breakfast with Milk.

    Health benefit: It could reduce your weight up to 2 kilograms.

    Woman who drinks a half kilo of free fat milk in the morning could reduce about 50 calories of what she consumes on lunch. It was published on American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Researcher said that milk drinker feels more satisfy and become not used to eat more food on the next meal. The result showed that in one year, their weight will be reduced up to 2 kilograms.

  • Do: Dringking a glass of wine.

    A study from Netherland which involved 1300 people for 40 years found that they who were used to drink a half glass of wine everyday were having the number of life expectancy increased for one and a half decades. It was caused by the polyphenolic content in wine (especially red wine) which has the positive effect to heart. But, it still has to be remembered that we have to keep controlling alcohol intake to our body since the more alcohol intake the more chance for people to suffer breast cancer. So, just consume not more than a glass of wine every day, for your good sake.

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