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The Love Signal from Man That You Must Know

Man love signalHave you wondered in your heart whether your couple loves you or not? Don’t be afraid, because you are not alone!

A book entitled Act Like A lady, Think Like A Man, by Steve Harvey explains that the love of a man is not same with a love of a woman. As a man, he admits that nothing compared to a woman’s love that is so intens and illogically. A woman will spend her time when her couple needs her, she will accompany and entertain her couple when he is in trouble, and though her friends think that her couple doesn’t deserve with her, she will ignore that. By so many things that have been given in the name of love, a woman expects to receive love or minimum she can receive the same treatment from her mate. And mostly of them are dissapointed. It is not because her mate doesn’t love her but a man has his own way in loving woman.

So what is a man’s love like?

  1. Giving commitment
    A man can do romantic things like asking his girlfriend to have candle light dinner, giving flowers, or spending holiday together but these things don’t imply that a man loves a woman. He will give commitment if he truely loves you. Commitment here is a clear status as his official girlfriend or wife.
  2. Changing
    True love will bring changing to many people. A man when he truely loves his girlfriend will endeavor to be the best one for his couple. If you see your boyfriend wants to stop smoking, be more patient in treating you or others, or try to be better man because of you, it means that he loves you sincerely.
  3. Provide
    Based on DNA, a man has been destined as the head of family who will provide the basic necessities for his family. Because of that, a man will show his love by fulfilling your need. Don’t think whether your boyfriend has given you expensive things or not. When he spends his time to buy things that you need, it is one of the ways to prove his love.
  4. Sacrificing
    No man doesn’t want to lose someone whom he loves. So does your boyfriend. He will think twice before he does things that you don’t like because he doesn’t want to hurt you even lose you. Because of that, he will sacrifice to make you happy. For instance, he usually spends his time with his friend on Friday. But he is willing to not meet his friends and prefers to accompany you who are in stressed and need entertainment.
  5. Companionship
    Maybe you always dream to get a romantic man who will treat you like a princess. But, your couple never gives you flowers moreover asks you to do romantic things. In contrast, he asks you to cycle or he never plans anything and only spends weekend by going to supermarket. For a man, showing romantic feeling is not about giving flower, having romantic dinner, and going to the beach. For them, showing romantic feeling can be done by doing anything like washing the dishes together and watching TV at home. For them, it’s about sharing life with that special person.
  6. Attention
    A friend of mine has been upset because her boyfriend decided to attend the meeting while she was hospitalized. She said and cried, “He doesn’t love me.” For a man, attention that is given by him must not be exactly same with the attention that we expect as a woman. They will go to the meeting if it is his duty. But he will call to make sure that you have eaten or take medicine based on doctor’s instruction.
  7. Respect
    Does your boyfriend respect you? If he often asks your opinion about something and often follows your suggestion, he will consider you as a woman who is equal to him. He doesn’t only consider you as his girlfriend but also as someone whom he can trust to give advice in making important decisson in his life. This is another way of his love expression.
  8. Intuition for protecting and supporting
    Some time ago, I had crisis in my life when I felt that my job didn’t fit with my passion. After taking some considerations, I decided to quit from my job and took beauty course in Paris. My boyfriend supports me 100% and even he left on furlough to accompany me while I was in Paris. His reason? He really supports me and believes with my talent and he wants to accompany me because Paris is quite dangerous.

Though, the support that is done by each man is different, but basically they will endeavor to support and also protect a woman whom he loves for going through life’s problem.

With the 8 love signals above, understand that a man loves you in different way. Stop measuring his love with your love definition and believe that a man who shows those signals truely loves you.

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