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The Cause of Damaged Skin

know and avoid causes damaged skinWho wants to have soft, refined, and healthy skin? Moreover if we get compliment by having healthy skin. That is so amazing. But, what will happen if the biggest organ that covers the whole body is damaged? Hmm of course we can assume the answer by ourselves. Because of that, avoid these things to keep our skin healthy.

Touched by sun light for longer time

Norman Levine, the dermatologist from Tucson, Arizone said that the UV light has terrible effect for our skin. “Sun has effect to the cell that has function to recover skin. When that cell is damaged, our skin will have aging process even being suffered from skin cancer.” So please avoid the extreme sunlight.

Using few sunscreen

Using sunscreen is a must thing when you do outdoor activity in the noon. But sometimes sunscreen doesn’t give maximum protection when our skin touched by sunlight. The cause is we apply few sunscreen. Actually, we should use 28 gram of sunscreen that has SPF 30 or more. For better result, you should apply sunscreen every 2 hours.


It doesn’t only cause lungs cancer, heart dissease, and stroke smoking can also cause wrinkle at skin. “Like the sunlight, smoking can also damage skin. The difference is smoking can damage skin from inner side.” said Jeffrey Dover, MD, FRCPC, the profesor in clinic dermatologist in Yale University. Smoking can cause skin weak, painful, and bad looking. If those illness are not enough to make you sure, there are still other illness. It can be something clogs the blood supply into the skin and retard the healing process.

Using the wrong cleanser

Never use bath soap for cleaning your skin. The substance in bath soap is not for sensitive skin. “Use the cleanser that has soft formula for your skin moreover if your skin is sensitive.” said Jennifer Stein, MD, Phd, the professor assitant in dermatologist at NYU Langone Medical Center.

If your skin is oily, use the cleanser that is oil free and non comedogenic so you are from the acne problems. If your skin is not too oily, you can use sunscreen after washing your face to keep the skin humidity.

Too much eat

Skin is elastic body organ . When we give too much calorie for the body, the skin will adapt to the hip circle which is getting bigger. Unfortunately skin is not elastic enough to return to the previous shape when we are slimmer. Don’t be surprised if we find stretch marks in certain spot. The practical way to remove it by doing surgery. But of course this way wastes our money. So think twice before you eat food.

Less sleep

“The skin rejuvenation happens when we sleep,” said Dover. Because of that, if we sleep less than 7-9 hours a day, don’t be surprised if skin will be looked lusterless and has eye pocket. Of course we don’t want to lessen our beauty by not having enough sleep right?

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