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The Exercise Rule in Menstruation Period

Exercise rule menstruation periodEvery time the menstruation period comes, your energy for doing exercise decreases, doesn’t it? If you feel like that, don’t directly stop exercising when the menstruation comes. What you feel is normal.

The low progesterone hormone and the high estrogene hormone don’t only influence your mood, but also the energy that is put aside from body. In that condition, we need to adapt the exercise level of of our body.

In the pre menstruation syndrome or PMS period, we feel tired easily. Doing exercise can be the right solution to return the body energy. But the problem is, headcahe or the breast that easily feels hurted. This is not the good condition for body to do exercise. That is why, you can try these tips in PMS period.

  • Try to strengthen your body by calcium suplement. Based on the reserach that was done to 497 women, the PMS disturbance can be reduced until 50% by 1200 mg calcium suplement.
  • Avoid consuming foods that contain sugar, cafeine, salt, and alcohol because they can make body more fluctuative when you do exercise. Consume more fruits, vegetables, and wheat to reduce the hormone fluctuation in body.
  • When you feel that you are so exhausted in menstruation period, just be calm because exercise can be the solution. But you should choose simple exercise like jogging or yoga to reduce stiff in your body.

The research that was done to 16 women that do exercise in menstruation period, they produce more laktat acid. Laktat acid is the acid that needed by body to burn fat. It means, besides it can make body more elastic, doing exercise in menstruation period can burn more fat. So don’t be confused to do exercise in menstruation period. Just do the exercise in appropriate level. You should also consider the hormone fluctuation that happens in your body.

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