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Tips to Make First Move for Women

Women Make First MoveHi ladies, have you ever been made confused by one of your male friend’s attitude? He is very attentive, sweet and he treats you better than he does your other female friends?

However, he has yet to determine what is in his lovingly attitude. Well, if you’re one of those women who are tired of waiting for your Mr. Right to come and ask you out or being hung on in a relationship? Why don’t you make the first move? Don’t know what to do?

These are the tips for you:

  • Look at the situation and condition. To be the first side to make the move, you need to know your position. There is always a risk of being embarrassed (if he rejects you) but if you know what he thinks about you, you can always minimize the risk.
  • Make a plan. If you know each other already, it will be easier to ask him out. However, if you just want to know each other, make eye contact and make sure he looks back at you. Before you go and introduce yourself, you should make a plan and anticipate that he might not give friendly response.
  • Pay attention to your appearance. Such as strategies to attract men, you, as the first side to make an active move, also have to look fabulous and classy at the first place. If you leave a good impression, he will always remember you.
  • Be Yourself. Just because you know men love women in sexy dresses, it does not mean you have to dress sexy to get close to them. Be yourself. Your self-confidence will make you look more attractive.
  • Do not overdo. You are confident all right, but do not let your confidence intimidate the other person and make him feel inferior to you. If you push it too hard, the handsome guy will feel cornered and run away.
  • Watch your attitude. You have made his acquaintance. So what? Do not forget rule no. 6. Men can also feel nervous when an attractive woman like you approaches them. To keep it relaxed, you can take the first or second step. For example: start a conversation, or ask him to join you and your friends.
  • Stay natural. Do it spontaneously like when a man is approaching you. It is indeed difficult but do not let him see your intentions, because men might feel rivaled.

If you still feel uncomfortable, watch closely your male friends that are approaching women. You will find out what they expect if they approach a woman and you can apply it to yourself while making the first move. So, are you ready?

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