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How to Stop Eating at Night

How to Stop Eating at NightOne of the best diet techniques is to avoid Eating at Night. Unfortunately, there are many people who consider that this habit is difficult to be conducted. Especially for you, who often pass the breakfast and tend to consume snack for lunch. That eating habit surely makes you feel hungry at night. The biggest cause of eating at night habit is the less consume of carbohydrate at daytime. In fact, carbohydrate becomes important nutrient in avoiding stress and increasing serotonin, a substance that determine cheerful mood in their brain. The irregular diet could also cause the habit of eating at night. There are many women who is obsessed to diet with as less as possible eating at daytime, as a result they will feel very hungry at night when they want to sleep.

Here are few tips to avoid you from the bad habit in [wpseo]Eating at Night[/wpseo]:

  • Divert your attention. Instead of snacking, try to take leisurely walk, read your favorite books, or get relaxing in warm water.
  • If you feel really hunger, choose snacks that are low in calorie, such as vegetables, fruits, or herbal tea.
  • If you are doing diet, add foods contain high fiber in your dinner menu. Beans or wheat could stop your feeling hungry and avoid your snacking passion after dinner.
  • Besides fiber, also increase your protein consumption in your dinner menu. The recent research mentioned that protein posses benefits to protect you from hunger.
  • Limit your eating activity only in the kitchen or dining room. By doing that way, you will be avoided from eating amnesia that can make you unconsciously snacking while watching TV.
  • Eating slowly and enjoy your foods. Set aside your time 15 to 20 minutes for your brain to receive signal from your tummy when you’re feeling full.
  • Don’t forget to take breakfast. People who usually pass their breakfast tend to consume snack with high calorie.
  • Drinking a lot. This particular way can be a good trick for snack fans. Drinking a lot does not only avoid you from dehydrated, but also can make your hands and mouth keep busy just like when you snacking.
  • Make a diet journal to record what kind of foods that you have consumed. By that journal, you can remember the foods that you have consumed and know the amount of calorie that has entered your body.

Hopefully those tips above could help you from not doing the bad habit of Eating at Night.

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