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Recognize the Hurried Woman Syndrome and Ways to Overcome It

Hurried Woman SyndromeHave you ever felt so tired, been very easily offended, gained weight and had very low sex drive? You thought you have allowed yourself to relax, but you still did not feel relaxed.

You might be suffering from a condition called Hurried Woman Syndrome. According to Dr. Brent Bost, obstetrician and gynecologist in Beumont, Texas, in his book The Hurried Woman Syndrome, the cause of this syndrome is years of living in a hurry without sparing time to rest.

The protracted stress can affect brain chemicals over time and it results in the domination of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, with the result that serotonin, a chemical that generate relaxed feelings, decreases in amount. This hormonal change might even cause physical symptoms.

So, just relax! There are ways to overcome it. Dr. Bost suggests that you take the following steps:

Spoil Yourself Every Day

Do one thing to spoil yourself each day. For example: take a hot bath or listen to your favorite CD without disturbance. This effectively helps those of you who have Hurried Woman Syndrome.

Activities that you do to spoil yourself are sensory experiences and they activate receptors in your brains. The brains will subsequently focus on those receptors and put other parts of the brains to rest.

Lay longer after your alarm clock rang

Normally, upon hearing the sound of your alarm clock, you would get up immediately and go for the bathroom, whereas when you wake up your brain is still on the relaxed alpha wave. By directly jumping out of bed, you are pushing yourself out of the relaxed situation and in to a more alert and stressful situation. The result is the brain promptly produces adrenaline that allows you to move swiftly during the day.

So start your day with being on bed longer. You can set you alarm clock earlier than you normally do so you can lie awake longer and start your day calmly.

Smell flowers

Research has proven that scenery can relax the mind and reduce the level of the stress hormone. So, make time to get in touch with nature each day. For example: gazing at trees or smelling flowers.

Separate yourself from technology

If you grew up in a city and are spoiled with all kinds of technology, it is quite difficult not to be dependent on it. However, according to Dr. Bost, technology is related to tasks and it ‘forces’ you to do several different tasks at once. Of course, this will definitely increase the stress hormone, over-stimulate the brain, and make your mind work faster.

Spare at least an hour every week and turn of all you gadgets, from telephone, television, computer, or radio. Breaking off your association with technology will decrease the stimulation in your brain and reduce the level of the stress hormone, therefore you become calmer and more relaxed.


Laughing is good for your health! Spontaneous laughter creates interruption inside the mind’s pattern and stops the flow of the stress hormone and hasty mind.

Try to frequently watch sitcoms, play games with children, or other activities that can make you laugh.

Transition from a fast situation to a slow one

After arriving home, it is better if you break out of every office duty. Once you get home, take off your shoes, change into a pair of soft house slippers and serve yourself a glass of herbal tea for relaxation. This activity stops the production of the stress hormone and allows you to feel more relaxed.

To make you feel even better, males can also suffer from this syndrome. What’s unique about this is that the symptoms that appear in men suffering from Hurried Man Syndrome are an upsurge of libido, the desire to be intimate more often, excess of energy and weight loss. So, if your partner has this syndrome, just use the excessive energy to help you so that you can rest!

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