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Where is My Prince Charming?

Prince CharmingLadies, those of you who are still single might have wondered where those eligible men are. You feel like you have been an attractive, independent and intelligent woman. However, Mr. Right has yet to show up. Well, the term “women can only wait” is no longer relevant today. You can be a little more proactive. To keep you on the right track, Steve Santagati, author of the book ‘The Manual’, shares some tips from men’s point of view.

Always look nice

According to Steve, women better look attractive all the time. They at least have to look nice, regardless of the condition around because men are always ‘looking’. Whether it be the time when you go to a supermarket on weekends, or take a stroll on a Monday morning. For example: Lip-gloss, jeans and t-shirts are enough to keep you from looking shabby on casual occasions.

1st Step: Why Not?

Steve explains that every woman should not be afraid to make the first move. Do not be afraid of being stamped as aggressive. Men and women are alike, both are afraid of rejection. If you see an attractive man, why don’t you say hello first? Forget official introduction or introduction request, on the other hand, directly involve him in a conversation. He would definitely take that chance to get to know you.

No Talk On The Phone

Steve says cell-phone could be a device that stands in your way when it comes to getting to know a man. When a man sees you and want to get to know you, he would think twice if you are busy talking on the phone. Since every moment is a chance, use it as well as possible.

Be Comfortable With Yourself

Some people say, what you think about yourself is what shines out from you. So, if you feel insecure, people see it and it dims your aura.

Therefore, build your self-confidence by motivating yourself to believe that you are an attractive, intelligent and independent woman. A woman who is comfortable with herself looks much more attractive to any man.

So, do not let yourself be tricked by the stereotype of beautiful and attractive women depicted in commercials or expected by the society. Basically, it is very easy to understand men. They just want to see you as a confident woman who is comfortable with yourself. Good luck!

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