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Good Curriculum Vitae (CV) to Promote Your Career

Curriculum Vitae Promote CareerAlthough you already had plenty of experience, if you target the top position, one of the most important things that need to be upgraded is your CV (curriculum vitae). CV writers should be able to highlight the benefits in detail, but remember to keep it short enough. An eye-catching CV will be useless, if it does not sell your superiority.

IMPORTANT! Record your track

  • The most important part of the CV is your work experience or track record of your previous job. Although you already have enough experience, it is not necessary to make a mini autobiography. Summarize your entire career in one paragraph. It contains your field of work and your achievement. Add also a future career that you hope.
  • Include the last three jobs most relevant to the position you are applying, starting from the last job. Indicate with a little detail, such as the scope of your responsibilities.
  • The points in the track record determine whether you deserve to be accepted for certain positions that job or not. Then, include the facts that are accurate, detailed, but brief enough. For example, if you worked as a sales associate, indicate in percentage, how much the result of your sales result this year and how many percent your increase over the previous year. Here, they will see whether you are progressing or not.
  • If the job can not be calculated based on percentages, explain it descriptively. For example, if you’re a law associate, specify field of law that you specifically hold and the types of cases you have handled and won.
  • Significant achievements should be highlighted. Do not hesitate to mention the numerous awards that are relevant to the job you are applying.
  • Your bio data can be placed in front or behind the CV. If you want to put it on the back, you should still include your name and contact number on the front page. For senior positions, usually there is no photograph should be attached.
  • Educational background can be a part of the bios. You simply write your high school or university and where you obtained a degree, starting from the most recent.


  • The facts that you mentioned must be proved true. For that, you need to include at least 3 names and contact numbers can be contacted by the readers of your CV. Ideally, the 3 people that are ex-boss, former colleagues, and former subordinates at the company’s last.
  • The company nearly always checks your references before it is interested in calling you for interviews. Maybe your boss is not necessarily able to confirm the accuracy of the figures you provided. But, if you get positive feedback from 2-3 references, there are more chances for you to be called for interview.


  • A long CV will only be a waste of time (either your time or time readers CV). CV should be limited only 2-3 pages. Focus on just writing things that are interesting. More detail about it will be clarified during the interview.
  • No need to mention all the training that you have entered. Just simply outline it (eg, leadership training over many months). Select the relevant ones to the job you want.
  • There is no need to mention your soft skills such as leadership, intra-personal (the ability to work in teams), or the ability to work under pressure (deadlines, for example). Conclusions on your strength will be derived from the explanation of your track record.
  • Use a style that is effective and efficient. You do not need to tell or write in a style using the word ‘me’ over and over again.
  • Provide illustrations or color variations in CV writing. Although it is not necessary, it shall be done, as long as not it is not too much (preferably not more than 2 colors).


If you have any foreign language skills, please specify how fluent you are in spoken and written (basic, intermediate, or advanced).

THE SIN, things you should not write on your CV

  • Writing a job description in your track record without giving detailed facts. For example, a marketing director calls ‘responsible for all marketing activities’, but did not explain more about his activities. It is similar to writing ‘sales target’, but does not list the amount of target.
  • Manipulating the facts, for example, exaggerating the sales numbers. This may put you in the black list, mainly by headhunter firm. How to headhunters check the truth of the facts? Typically, the headhunter has extensive connections and network. Thus, to check your information would be an easy business.


  • Make sure that the contents of your CV are well enough. Before sending it, notice once more if the font selection is correct and readable. Paragraphs and bullet points should also be neat.
  • CV can be in the form of Word documents, PDF, or Power Point.
  • Jobs advertisements usually mention how the desired CV shipping. If you send a CV not based on the ad, you better send it via email. The possibility of opening your application will be faster than a letter.
  • As an alternative, you can also send in a CD which was given a brief introduction.
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