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Easy Ways to Save the Planet Earth

Easy Ways Save Earth PlanetHow to maintain the environment and to do your part for the environment (with hardly any effort)

At Home

  • Set the AC temperature to 25oCelsius that the AC would not work too hard and spend too much energy. Turn it off if you leave the house or when there’s no one home.
  • Don’t do washing too often. The standard washing machine uses about 100 liters of water per wash. If your clothes are not that dirty or smelly, do not wash them. And try to wash once a week, at the same time and don’t do it bit by bit. If each house on earth put more efficient effort in the washing habit, every year we can save water in the same amount that can fill up 7 million swimming pools.
  • Dry the laundry by making the most of the sun exposure. Try not to use automatic dryer.

At the Home Office

  • Try using a laptop instead of a PC. Laptop uses half of the energy required by desktop using. Find a model that is energy saving (usually given by special label.)
  • Reduce the use of paper, especially for the use of bill records. Register to request the bills for credit cards and others to be sent via email. You subscribe newspapers or magazines? There have been many of its online versions you can see as an option.

In the Bathroom

  • Make sure the faucet is properly shut. The average spend of faucet is 10 liters water in a minute, so better turn it off while brushing teeth or shaving.
  • Take a bath with tub or bucket of water. The use of shower spray unconsciously tends to waste much more water.

In the Kitchen

  • Use as much as necessary water while washing. Do not keep the tap always open while rinsing the dirty plates.
  • The right cooking equipment can save energy. Avoid using the microwave since it costs much of energy. Use a pot or pan that quickly delivers the heat so it won’t take much gas.

At the Recycling Center

  • Recycle the organic waste from home. Take advantage of used plastic bottles for potted plants or storage box. Get use to distinguish between organic and non-organic materials.
  • Donate your old cell phones. Some cell phone manufacturers like Nokia accept donations of phones, batteries or chargers. Simply bring those things to the Care Center of each manufacturers.
  • Donate the clothes that you no longer wear. The clothes can be donated to an orphanage or shelter, or even a brother or neighbor in need.

On the Road

  • Bring fresh water bottles everywhere so you don’t need to buy every time you eat out. Need a reason? We use about 2 million plastic bottles every hour but recycle only one in five.
  • Stop in one place? Turn off the engine. Since when your car stop, the engine burns more fuel than when it moves.
  • Give your car-and driving habits-a tune-up. Careless racing, inappropriate usage of gears, and the sudden brake hit would spend more fuel. Keep the engine performance on a regular basis. Tune up the car on time, so that this can increase the efficiency of fuel use between 4 to 40 percent.

In Stores

  • Buy locally produced food, not the imported ones. Locally produced materials do not need to be distributed in thousands miles that can waste much energy. Instead it is usually fresher and more environmentally friendly products since they do not use excessive packaging.
  • Bring your own bag for groceries. Although there have been many supermarkets and stores offer for not using plastic bags, but we still often forget and still are not getting used to it. Now everywhere, there are many choices of canvas bags that can be folded and inserted into the bag while you’re not using it.
  • Choose fish or seafood carefully. Find the safe ones, in its sense of not disturbing the population and the environment. Avoid eating a lobster, grouper, shrimp, or even sharks because of its breeding and fishing procedure which are not safe for the environment. Reef fish such as snappers, groupers are often caught with explosion. The explosion could destroy the corals for the decades ahead and unable them to recover. The safe fish consumption for the environment is mackerel, tuna and cakes, anchovy, barracuda, tuna, milkfish, pomfret, sardines, tuna, squid.
  • Shop wisely: choose a concentrate where you can add water; reduce the use of plastic diapers; do not pack food or vegetables with plastic.
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