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Pheromone, the Hormone of Love

Pheromone Love HormoneHave you ever heard about pheromone? This particular hormone is claimed as a substance which sexually attracts the opposite sex. But what actually this pheromone is? Is that true that this substance plays a role in the love sparks that arises?

Pheromone, which is derived from the Greek Pherein (to carry) dan hormone (issued) is a biological substance released by each individuals that results a change in the social or sexual behavior of the other similar individual. In humans, pheromone is in the form of “smell” caught by the Jacobson’s organ (Vomeronasal Organ/VNO) located in the stiff part of the nasal septum (nose) that later be taken to the brain and causes a reaction to the individual who receives it. Pheromone cannot only be smelled by the other opposite sex, yet can also be sensed among the individuals of same sex.

How is pheromone formed?

Pheromone is produced mainly by the Apocrine gland (a type of sweat glands) and other glands. Pheromone is formed because of an interaction between the floras which stay in the area of those glands and the pheromone substance that arouse an unusual “smell” of each individual. This apocrine gland is located in the area of armpits, sexual organs, mouth, feet and the entire skin.

So, is pheromone similar to the body odor?

No, pheromone is different to the body odor. Pheromone is an odorless substance which is a natural “smell” of a person, while body odor occurs because of an excessive sweat production which then turns by the bacteria out to be an unpleasant smell.

How pheromone gives effect?

After got caught by VNO, pheromone will stimulate a release of neurotransmitter to the hypothalamus-pituary-gonadal axis at the brain which then will as well stimulate the release of GnRH (Gonadal Releasing Hormone). In women, GnRH will stimulate the release of FSH (Folicle Stimulating Hormone) and LH (Luetinizing Hormone) that later will encourage the maturation of egg and ovulation. At the same time in men, FSH and LH will encourage spermatogenesis (formation of sperms).

In the short term, pheromone instigates the release of neurotransmitter which will cause a change in your sexual and social behavior.

Then what is the effect of pheromone for us?

Pheromone can instigate an ovulation to women who smell it so that it will trigger the same menstruation cycle. So if there is a myth says that when you live together, you may have a period at the same time, this could be true, right?

The pheromone in women is getting maximal in the time of ovulation. Thus, if there is another myth says that women look sexier and more “tempting” when they are fertile, this might be the reason. Besides, the time of ovulation makes women get more sensitive towards men’s pheromone, so that women become more tamed to them.

Pheromone in women will help men to evaluate the face or photo or the sound of a woman they hear, so that men would feel as though they are called to chase the woman or just merely become unresponsively passive. At the same time, pheromone in men would make women feel sexier and more attractive and passionate or at the opposite, not feeling anything at all. So if there was the so called love at the first sight or a hate at the first time meeting, this might the explanation. To conclude, pheromone can be in form of “positive pheromone” which attracts the attention of the opposite sex or instead “negative pheromone” which repels the opposite sex.

How about when you’re wearing perfume?

Pheromone is containing various types and effects. Principally, perfumes use basic materials that give the same effect as the pheromone substance. Thus, when you wear perfume simultaneously with your “positive pheromone”, it would help you to catch the attention of the opposite sex or to communicate with them. If not, the effect that occurs is the opposite. So be careful if you’re going to wear or giving perfume as a gift. You may go wrong. A person might all of a sudden loathe you for no reason.

Until recently, the existence of pheromone in humans still becomes an argument and people have been keeping up with the research. Yet, there is something to remember that pheromone is not the only reason behind the attractiveness between sexes. Your attitude, character, and appearance are the things that would help you catch their attention.

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