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Brain Exercises to Avoid Senility

Brain Exercises Avoid SenilityBesides the body, the brain as well needs an exercise. An exercise for brain acts like a prevention to keep away senility to come any sooner. The brain itself consists of two parts, the left brain and the right brain. The left brain is used for things connected to the analytics, including the one managing our daily conversations. At the same time, the right brain handles things deal with creativeness, such as arts. Every person has each dominant part of the brain. Exercising both part of the brain, as mentioned above, may avoid dementia or senility. Then how to exercise both?

Exercising the Left Brain

  1. Playing Crosswords: because the left side of the brain controls the analytical process. Crosswords and other brain teaser games are effective practices to make the left brain stay active. Crosswords with certain themes also help refreshing the mind. Other than that, Sudoku is also considered a good aid.
  2. Calculation Practice: Math and other calculation brainteasers are good helps for the left side of the brain. For these first two points, there many books or sources from the internet that can be used for practice. Not to forget that when you are willing to apply for a job or a school, sometimes an IQ test is needed in which there includes some numbers of calculation. Getting the brain used to solve math riddles help the left brain to think fast and analytically based on the logic.
  3. Getting used to write: it turns out that writing is also helping to increase activities on the left brain since it involves utilization towards words, sentence structures and spelling. Writing would be no longer boring with some ways, like by writing journals or blogs. Continuously interacting through forums also helps the left brain getting used to write for comments. Besides, writing can be in a form of writing articles for magazines, newspaper, or websites. Joining social medium, like Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace also helps you to get used to form good sentences and paragraphs.
  4. Read regularly: reading would relax the brain muscles, either with easy reading (like comics or magazines) or informational readings. Based on a study conducted by dr. Nikolaos Scarmeas in 2001, reading can help to build “cognitive reserves” to delay the coming of dementia.
  5. Learn something new: learning a new skill which needs analytical ability, like learning a new language is useful to gain skills and at the same time tease the brain. By learning foreign languages, it would activate the brain parts which are never used since you start talking.

A study in 2007 at York University in Toronto finds that various language uses can increase blood supply pumped inside the brain to maintain the health of the nerves connection.

Exercising the Right Brain

  1. Painting: when you say you cannot paint, that is not a reason for not doing it. No matter how good we are in drawing, anything you simply draw is a good practice for the right brain. Drawing is a way to visualize things. If you are confused about what to draw, try to start to draw the scenery, a picture of a bowl of fruits, or try to draw abstract.
  2. Playing strategic games: strategic games including chess, monopoly or other computer games would make use of the right brain, that may help you to think more creatively. A game to build cities, economics, handling the defense and managing natural resources is a good way to practice your right brain because you need to think and synchronize all of those things altogether.
  3. Singing: singing is actually not really connected to works of the right brain. However, singing may help you able to see daily problems with another way. Solving problems is a function of the right brain, so that by singing about a problem that you face might help you to answer it.
  4. Learn something new: same as the left brain, we need also to learn something new in order to practice the ability of the right brain. Start by reading things that you previously do not know yet, like anything about aromatherapy. While you learn, connect what you are learning to what you already know, so that you are able to see everything from every sides of it. Further, you can also learn on how to paint, sculpt, play guitar, or piano.

Besides of those things, there are another brain sports that can help to train either the right brain or the left brain, which are:

  1. Getting used to be left-handed (left hand active) and at the same time right-handed: try to do the regular job by using non-dominant hand. For example, when your dominant hand is right, so try to use the left hand (left-handed), like when you use the computer mouse, brushing teeth and brushing shoes with changed direction. According to Franklin Institute, type of this practice can strengthen the nerves connection and even construct new nerves.
  2. Change the routines: According to Lawrence Katz, Neurobiology professor at Duke University Medical Center, changing the routines and new ways of life can activate the brain connection which is previously inactive. A practice that you can do is for example: taking a bath with closed eyes or redecorating the office or the desk.
  3. Physical practice: physical practice can increase the brain health since it can also increase the blood stream to the brain. According to Stanford Center on Longevity and the Max Plank Institute for Human Development, physical exercise would increase attention, logic and memory.
  4. Living socially: the brain can be exercised by running your social life, like visiting friends. A study in 2006 by dr. David Bennet from Rush University Medical Center finds that having a social network can give protection against clinical symptoms of Alzheimer.
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