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The Power of Love Affects the Physical Health

The Power of Love Affects the Physical Health Couples who are not sure of the quality of their relationship are at risk of heart attack.

How long have you been in a relationship with a partner? How is the quality of relationship formed? Do you feel certain about it or do you still look for certainty to be able to share life together? According to research conducted by the American Psychological Association, couples who are not sure of the quality of the relationships formed are more prone to heart problems than couples who choose to share their lives together.

How is this study done? American Psychological Association conducted a survey involving respondents aged 18-60 years. They were then asked to talk about the relationship created with a partner about how confident they are of the interaction of the relationship. After that the study observed the pattern of their life to see the health status they have.

“Apparently the couple who is not sure of the connection quality is not in good health. They have more often high blood pressure, colitis, pain throughout the body. Even many have heart failure and stroke”, said Lachlan A. McWilliams, a clinical psychologist who is also assistant professor at Acadia University, Canada. McWilliams is also directly involved in the study mentioned that the research had been released in Psychology Health Journal.

Williams’s interest to examine the quality of relationships with physical health actually began when there are previous studies describing that the comfort of someone in a relationship with a partner is related to how often the respondent experience headaches. Williams was then wondering how the quality of relationships affected one’s overall physical condition. “I and the team were shocked when reading the results of research, that the quality of relationships also affects the performance of our cardiovascular system.”

In this study, respondents were divided into pairs who believed in the seriousness of the relationship created and those who were not sure. What’s meant with being confidence with the seriousness of the relationship is that the persons feel comfortable with the partner and the relationship so that it will bring them to a better level of seriousness.

Meanwhile, feeling unsure will just create a cycle of dependent relationships with each other and the persons will not have the courage to commit themselves to a more serious commitment. Respondents were also asked to tell a history of pain they felt from the headache, chest pain and back, until if ever they had a heart attack or stroke.

Feeling unsure or uncomfortable in a relationship, according to McWilliams, does not mean that the couple does not love each other; they just do not understand how to optimize the quality of the relationship created. This situation then becomes a factor the emergence of a set of psychosomatic symptoms that ultimately affect the health status.

“And if the lifestyle is observed, the respondents who are not confident in relationship tend to escape into the unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking and drinking alcohol. The goal is only one, to divert the feeling of uncertainty by creating a new habit. “Then what can be done to cope with a situation like this? McWilliams advised the couple to attend counseling with one another so they can openly discuss what becomes an objective of the relationships they have.

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