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Estimating and Deciding Fertility Period

Estimate Decide Fertility Period WomanIn order to be pregnant, there must be ovum that is ready to be fertilized. The ovum shows the fertility period of a woman. But, how we know the fertility period, so the conception will happen?

The fertility period can be known by estimating the menstruation period, the changing of mucus, and the changing of basalt body temperature.

Actually it is not too difficult to trace it by yourself. But, it needs accuracy. The most important thing is being patient so the result is more accurate. Minimum, this trace is done several times in several months.

Menstruation period

Tracing the fertility period can be done through estimating menstruation period. The fertility period is easily traced if the menstruation period is regular in every month. The normal cycle is between 28-30 days. There are some experts that said it is between 22-35 days. So, the ovum will be produced in between the cycle around, the day 14th or 16th. It is estimated from the first day of menstruation period.

So, 3 days before the day 14th and 3 days after day 16th is the possibly period for ovum to be fertilized. This estimation based on the possibility of sperm cell that can survive until 72 hours before reaching the ovum cell.

The 28 days normal cycle, the middle of the cycle is day 14th. So the fertility period is 3 days before the day 14th which is day 11th (14-3) and 3 days after day 14th which is day 17th (14+3). So the fertility period lasts between day 11th until day 17th (7 days) from the cycle of normal woman.

For example is if we get menstruation on the 1st day in one month so the fertility period is on day 11th (14-3) until day 19th (16+3) on that month.

For those whose menstruation cycle is not regular (the cycle is less than 28 days), the fertility period is estimated from the next menstruation schedule. Generally the ovum cell will be produced on 14 or 16 days before the next menstruation. For example is the estimation of next menstruation is on August 18th. It is estimated that ovum cell will be produced on August 2nd and 4th (18-14 of day back up = August 4th and 18-16 of day back up = August 2nd). So the fertility period lasts between July 31st (August 2nd – 3 days before) until August 7th (August 4th + 3 days after).

If the menstruation cycle is totally not regular, it is needed the cycle data minimum for 6 months until 1 year. Then, it is calculated by using Ogino Knouss formula. We must find the shortest cycle and the longest cycle. The fertility period is decided based on the shortest cycle – 18 and the longest cycle – 11.

For example is the longest cycle is 40 days and the shortest cycle is 28 days. So the estimation is 40-11=29 and 28-18=10. So, the estimation of the fertility period is on day 10th which is calculated from the first menstruation until day 29th. The fertility period becomes longer but it can’t be estimated the close certainty. It is because the irregular menstruation so it is difficult to be adjusted when the exact time of ovum cell production.

A woman whose menstruation cycle is not regular should be checked herself to doctor to find the cause and do treatment. So it can be known the fertility period.

The cervical mucus

The fertility period also can be known through the checking of cervical mucus. This also can be done by you. The way is mucus from cervix is checked everyday.

At the fertility period there is changing that has spinbarkeit characteristic. The elastic mucus, can’t be severed if it is touched and it is sticky like seaweed.

To make sure, this mucus can be checked by expert through glass under the microscope. The mucus in fertility period will be seen like frond.

Temperature measurement

Another way that can be done is by measuring the basalt body temperature. When it is ovulation, the ovum cell will be thrown from the ripe pouch. Then, the place where ovum comes from (korpus luteum) produces progesterone hormone that has task in preparing web in uterus to receive ovum cell that has been fertilized. The progesterone production causes the increasing of body temperature.

Checking the body temperature in the morning after wake up and before doing any activities like get up from bed, go to the bathroom, eat or drink. Do this everyday at the same time for three months. Use thermometer that is inserted in mouth or anus (which is not held in armpit). Put the thermometer under the tongue for 5-6 minutes. Close mouth when the measurement is done. Note the temperature changing everyday. Don’t forget to relate the today note with the next days note so it shapes a curve.

When it is ovulation, it will be seen, the graphic will few decrease from the calculation of the previous day. Then it will increase with the difference of body temperature minimum 2°C. if it is raised, the curve will be on top and it will not decrease anymore.

The normal temperature is usually 35,5°C – 36°C. When the ovulation, the temperature will decrease first then it will increase until 37°C-38°C and it will not be back in 35°C. When the changing happens, this is the time of fertility period. The increasing of body temperature lasts for 3-4 days.

Then it will decrease around 2°C because the production of progesterone decreases so the body temperature will decrease too. And finally it will be back into normal body temperature like before the menstruation happened.

If it is on graphic (the note of body temperature), there is no body temperature increasing it could be that the fertility period does not happen. It is because there is no corpus luteum that will produce progesterone. It also means there is no body temperature increasing.

In contrast, if the increasing of body temperature still lasts after the fertility period, this is the sign of pregnancy. It is because, if ovum cell is successfully fertilized, the corpus luteum will keep producing progesterone hormone. So the body temperature will still high.

The requirement in deciding the fertility period by checking body temperature is in 3 months, the body temperature is not in fever condition, doesn’t sleep near the hot lamp or with cold. If the body temperature is mess up, it is difficult to check and the checking is also failed.


Nowadays, trough checking USG in serial way, it can be known the fertility period of a woman. The way is by seeing the ovum gland, the development of ovum cell until the ovum is ripe and will be out (ovulation) this way can be used by woman whose menstruation cycle is irregular.

By USG checking in serial way, in 2-3 days, it can be measured the menstruation cycle, the date of menstruation and the date of ovulation. This development will be always checked. From the ovum production until it disappears. If it has been known when the ovulation happens, soon note on what day the fertility period happens, it is calculated from the first day of menstruation period.

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