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10 Things to Avoid at The Job Interview

Things Avoid at Job InterviewIn the reality, the interviewer can scratch the candidate’s name with any reasons. The interview is usually short and only gives few chances for the interviewer to find potential candidate. Because of that, the interviewer can use any mistakes as the reason to refuse the candidates.

Don’t give the interviewer easy reason to not choose you. Avoid these 10 things

  1. Use too much perfume
    It is better to not use perfume (don’t forget to take a bath). Many people are allergy with fragrance, and certain odors can be so disturbing. You will not be refused because you don’t use perfume – but make sure that your body smells good.
  2. Talk too much
    The interviewer wants to see whether you can follow the instructions or clues and the easiest test is whether you can answer the questions well or not. Answer it shortly, right, and compact. Let the interviewer directs the interview – don’t dominate the conversation with the long answer or chat.
  3. Cut the conversation
    Cutting the conversation can show two things about you: 1.You are not polite. 2. You don’t respect other people or your boss. Neither is good.
  4. Listening iPod or calling someone when you wait
    Waiting is bored but calling someone or listening iPod also makes you not professional. Just sit calmly and look your CV. Wait patiently.
  5. Talking your negativity
    Never do this. You may think that this will make you looked honest or increase your credibility or people only focused with the negative things that you say. Mostly you are asked about your weakness. Tell something which is abstract (“I am easy in compromising and sometimes it makes me difficult in deciding something.”) than something that makes interviewer directly judge you negative (“I’ll always come late or I like to postpone.”)
  6. Insult the previous office
    Always a bad idea – you don’t know whether this people know that people, what people who ever worked together and this can make the interviewer assumed that you will do the same thing later. Talking other’s negativity will make you looked bad. Remember the rule, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all? There you go.
  7. Apply to much makeup
    The truly you must be seen – don’t cover with the thick makeup. The interviewer will think that you spend too much time for the outside look than something that is more important.
  8. Forgetting the information that is in resume
    Anything that you give to the company that you will work for must be remembered. Don’t forget. The resume talks anything about you and if you can’t comprehend that easy thing, the interviewer will doubt how you can represent them in front of the potential client.
  9. Don’t do the follow up
    For the polite reason, it is better to send email that you are thankful to the interviewer and also remind them about you and give the good image by using the good and right language.
  10. Chewing the bubble gum or eating when you enter waiting room.
    You must show that you are serious and must aside your habit or your private comfortable. Besides, the wastes that stick on your teeth or hands that are sticky when shaking hands is really bad. You must know that chewing the gum while you speak is not polite at all.

Hopefully, by avoiding those 10 things you can be succeed in your Job Interview

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