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Tips for Being Negotiation Experts

Being Negotiation ExpertIn his book titled A Woman’s Guide to Successful Negotiating, McGraw Hill said, not daring to negotiate is a common mistake made by typical woman in the working world. Many women still feel hesitate to convey something- particularly those involving money and position – for their own sake.


When someone mentions the word negotiation, what conceived in your mind is how to negotiate salary or position with the supervisor, or other matters relating to your interests with the company. To understand it is not wrong, but somehow incomplete. In fact, there are many other types of negotiations you have to do in the working world.

Negotiation is an attempt of the parties who have different interests, to compromise their differences. In the process, there is bargaining activities conducted by each party for profit. In conclusion, negotiations aim at bringing win-win solution. Both sides can resolve the problem with no aggrieved party left.


Prior to negotiating, there are some preparations you should do. You need to see the situation first, whether there are opportunities to negotiate, or whether the time is not right. If it is possible, the next step is to set goals that you want.

In a negotiation with person from outside the office, make the client to like you. Because by making them enjoying our company is the key of a success negotiation. Furthermore, you may begin to expose your success in previous projects. Include actual data (and accountable), recommendations from the leaders, as well as other matters related to the project you’re after.

Another example, if your application for leave (because you want to have vacation with family) for two weeks is rejected. In this situation, you should make a negotiation with a positive start. For example, by asking in a good and respectful attitude, what makes your boss does not grant the request for you leave.


One of the requirements for negotiation is the ability to talk, including intonation and speaking techniques. Intonation does not need to be artificially high in order to make it look convincing. You may make others feel intimidated instead. However, do not be too whispery, because your speech might not be taken seriously by the other person.

The key is just be yourself, but bring yourself best. You also need to be assertive and confident. In negotiating, you should convey your wishes in a timely way, but not emotionally. You must respect the other person and their interests, like you also respect yourself and your own interests.

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