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Perception, an Important Factor to Attract the Opposite Sex

Perception Factor Attract MenOpposites attract could be called the law of attraction in the world of science, or at least in terms of electromagnetic. But have you ever heard the law of attraction between two people? Is there really a theory that can make two people fall in love with each other?

Does interest have a chemical element? It could be. It is because according to scientists, the attraction between animals of different kinds is closely related to chemical called pheromones. The effects of pheromones on insect have also been investigated. In some experiments, pheromone is responsible for communication between species and colonies of ants. The smell issued by skunks to repel the enemy is also another kind of pheromone. Several species of ape are known to rub pheromone-containing urine on the feet of their “candidate” for partner to entice their attention.

Some scientists believe that animals (especially females) such as insects and mammals, release chemical signals to tell their males that they are genetically different. This genetic differentiation is important in order to bear offspring that can survive longer. Perfume industry has long been using pheromones to enhance sex appeal of the opposite sex. Animals such as whales and deer are hunted to obtain the compound.

Later, scientists are looking for a relationship between pheromone compounds in humans and their decision in choosing a partner. Various sciences such as biology, chemistry, genetics, and psychology have their own opinion. Some scientists argue that the pheromone has nothing to do with the election of the opposite sex or the sexual attraction between women and men. But some research like one conducted by Swiss scientists from the University of Bern led by Klaus Wedekin made many researchers think again.

Experiments conducted on a group of women to sniff cotton T-shirts of several different men when they were ovulating. It turns out that different women have a different choice of male odor, but the men chosen have the same genetic element owned by the woman. This, as with insects and mammals above, is to assure that their offspring will be better and healthier. But it turns out that the choice of smell issued by men can be associated with women’s ovulation period, type of food eaten by men, perfume and deodorant, and other types of contraception used by the woman.

When asked whether the personality is related to sexual attraction of women, the answer is: yes. But so does the perception of the personality of the man. According to research conducted by Klohnen, E.C. about sexual attraction and personality, one’s sense of safety and minimal perception of her partner is a strong factor. Meaning? We prefer a certain personality type, which makes us attracted to someone. But other than that person’s personality, which can only be ascertained through the interaction for some time, our perceptions on the potential partner is what makes us interested in him, regardless whether he actually proved to have a personality that we thought or not.

This is proven from the statement that we often hear about a failed relationship: “Apparently, she does not appear like what I thought.”

We must have heard that physical attraction is an initial, or an opening factor in a relationship. At least at the beginning of the relationship; but physical appearance does not guarantee the relationship will succeed. Physical attraction makes us “aware” about the opposite sex, but once we are more familiar with him/her, physically appearance only becomes an added value. Worldview, values, ideals, and passion become more significant in the long-term relationship.

So shall we care about outer appearance? For women, we should. To look good is not only to attract the opposite sex, but also for ourselves. But do not care only for physical appearance, develop all aspects of the self; emotional, mental, and spirit. Physical attraction is only in the initial. Remember, biology tells us to choose a partner with the healthiest and fittest genetic element. But in terms of feelings, try to ask yourself: do you want to spend time with someone who does not feel good about him/herself? You wouldn’t, would you? There is wisdom in knowing yourself: who you are, your beliefs, values, and dreams. When we are healthy in body and soul, attraction becomes only a mere “extra” and not set in stone. As Klohnen research mentioned above, a sense of security and comfort are very influential, even more than just outward appearances.

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