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Signs of Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love SignsWhen we are exploring in a relationship, the big question that arises is, “Does he have the same love?” And sometimes these questions can make you dizzy.

But according to Greg Hartley, former investigator of a special unit in the United States, which also makes the book I Can Read You Like a Book: How to Spot the Message and Emotions People Are Really Sending With Their Body Language, body language, eye contact, and touch can become a guidance for us. And now, Hartley helped us read the four signs that we must find while a date, to find out whether he could be a lover of our hearts or not.

Signs 1: Consider the distance created.

“First and foremost, see how he creates a distance when talking to us,” said Hartley. So, if at the moment of dating the other person doesn’t feel comfortable to talk with close proximity, it could be a sign that he did not think of a more intimate relationship. But if the opposite happens, then it shows he does not just want to know you as friends.

Signs 2: Consider the tone of his voice.

If your date speaks with soft tones, according to Hartley, it is a good sign. “It is because he wants only us who heard his words. Especially if he wants to share a secret, that means he’s already comfortable. ”

Then how should we respond to the situation? Hartley suggested that we shall stay calm, “Do not right away show that we are attracted to him. It is because sometimes it is better to make men wonder whether we have the same feeling with him. ”

Signs 3: Notice how his posture when speaking.

Masculinity forms its own body language that is by walking straight, shoulder open with a chin that is perpendicular to successfully create a strong impression. But this only happens if they were to be among men.

It is because when dealing with a woman, especially woman who attracts his attention, men will be slightly bent so that his posture looks like a little circular. Hartley interpreted this as a signal of male to provide protection to women he speaks to. Shoulders are bent slightly to create a close distance to the listener, while giving the impression of protecting. “This is a positive sign that he is completely comfortable with you.”

Signs 4: Always make eye contact.

If in a date he always gives a shaded look every time he saw us, then it is a good sign. “That means, he is really fascinated with you and ready to go into a more serious level. So, give a little happy smile to him, “Hartley suggested.

Since we have the ability to read sign, then the decision is in our hands. Choose, whether our date is worthy enough to become out partner or not. Complete these signs with the words of our hearts so that the best decision would come out of our heads.

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